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(Lightning sorc) gear recommendations?

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(Lightning sorc) gear recommendations?

Lifexless's Avatar

11.04.2015 , 12:32 AM | #1
Currently I've got 220 Mainhand from GTN, a bunch of 216 comms Force-Lord gear (only 2 set pieces so far out of like 12 ops...what can ya do...)

Relics and augments all 186 (working on it)

So I'm wondering if it's worth spending Ultimate Comms on earpiece/implants and then augmenting those, (since they dont apply to set bonus and that way my augments are on slots im less likely to replace) or if I should hold off on that and aim for operation versions (stat difference?)

also does anyone have a sort of list of what to put where, to make it easier to organize my stat priorities? for example accuracy on helm/chest/gloves/belt/legs, critical on boots/etc etc

at 65 with all class buffs, and advanced anodyne versatile stim, my stats are:

5898 mastery
5790 endurance
616 critical (32%~)
152 alacrity
760 accuracy