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(baf lazy) reanimated lowb need some advice

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(baf lazy) reanimated lowb need some advice

Slaybred's Avatar

03.09.2013 , 09:18 AM | #1
So i just reanimated my sorc after a good years rest. And it seems im still pretty clueless... or lazy.
Been playing my bad pyro pt the last six months so all is forgotten.
Anyhow, shes currently 42. Im aiming to pvp alot to fill my comms before 2.0 and ding 50.
I like dps and absolutely undescribable loathe healing unfortunately.
Have been playing with deep madness and usually top charts.
BUT i dont know if thats the best (?)
Any constructive input please.

SoonerJBD's Avatar

03.10.2013 , 12:40 PM | #2
Your options right now in PvP are full Madness or a hybrid. I prefer Madness as I like the root from Creeping Terror on low cooldown. There are several hybrid builds people like. There are several variations of a Lightning/Madness hybrid. All of them at least go up to Death Field in Madness and Lightning Barrage in the lightning tree. You can either put the rest of your points in the upper level of the Madness tree or go higher in the Lightning tree to get some of the utlity skills such as backlash and electric bindings. There are also Lightning/Corruption hybrids that give you some of the DPS and utility in the lightning tree paired with some healing abilities.

When 2.0 drops, which we expect will be soon, it looks like a full Lightning build will also be viable in PvP and will be more of a burst spec.