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Lightning: Gearing Tips, specifically Alacrity/Crit/Power

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Lightning: Gearing Tips, specifically Alacrity/Crit/Power

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02.21.2018 , 02:56 PM | #1
Hi guys,

yes, yes, I'm aware that the class is crap, reroll and all that ... but I was wondering with all the talk about alacrity these days (, what should a Lightning Sorc aim for?

Specifically, I'm talking about a char I'm gearing with 230 Armoring and the rest 246 crafted stuff. How high should my alacrity be? Around the 700 breaking point or the higher one with 1860? Crit maximum at about 1900 and the rest in power, correct?


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02.21.2018 , 03:15 PM | #2
Does lightning have passive alacrity buff? I remember it having it but might be wrong. Anyway if it has, aim for % thresholds:
Tier 1 - 7.15%
Tier 2 - 15.41%

All the points in the thread you posted are valid, but the raw numbers are just different for specs with passive alac buffs.

EDIT: Actually looked at one of the threads, isn't what I thought. the numbers for lightning are there, follow them.
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04.22.2018 , 04:38 AM | #3
While doing my own research at the moment I found this, based on the question I have the feeling that both threads have the same OP. However the point to discuss in the comments SionCognus showed up and posted his numbers and build:

1189 alacrity and 2189 crit
Alacrity: 3 Enh, 5 Aug Crit: 6 Enh, 5 Aug, 2 Crystals Accuracy: 1 Enh, 3 Aug, 1 Stim Mastery: 1 Aug
Remember that for these purposes earpiece and implants count as enhancements.

Usually I trust SionCognus in regards with Lightning, but if I compare it with the calculations on reddit according to that getting to an Alacrity of 1229 would be necessary to get a 1,1 s GCD under the affect of Polarity Shift. Which means SionCognus would be less than one augment short of that number.

Looking on the Dummy parses on parsely SionCognus currently has the fourth highest parse on Lightning / Telekinetics but from the three parses that beats him two had a slightly higher APM. Around 55 instead of 53,6. After I still have to organize the things to rebuild my Sorcerer gear, after I had to tank a lot during the last time, does anyone has some experience if 1229 is so important or are SionCognus numbers preferable? Well the diiference probably would be one augment so the numbers doesn' t seem to be completly off.

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04.22.2018 , 05:57 AM | #4
I run about 1280 to hit the polarity shift + alacrity total, as you said. Been working really well. I am nr 15 with lightning on parsely, to get higher I would just need to grind good crit rates for ages. I don't care about it that much.
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