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URC 3v3 Tournament 19th Oct: It's Threeson Then

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URC 3v3 Tournament 19th Oct: It's Threeson Then

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09.13.2019 , 04:20 AM | #1
With Onslaught being delayed it gives us enough time to slip in another cheeky URC event.

People have been asking for a group event for a while and this seems like a good opportunity to organise such an event and we're going to try out a 3v3 tournament for our first effort!

The current plan is for this to take place on Saturday 19th October at 7pm BST

The rules for this will obviously be different to the normal 1v1 events and as this is my first attempt at this type of event I'm still refining the rules and process so feel free to contribute any ideas you think would help.

The fights will take place via the PvP challenge system, three players will group and and battle in a randomly assigned arena, this means that acid / time will be a factor in each fight.

Teams will consist of 3 DPS players, the teams will be randomly assigned and we will endeavour to prevent class stacking on any team but obviously this will be influenced by the classes that sign up. We will also try to balance out teams based around classes that can off heal / off guard.

If you wish to sign up as a premade team of 3, please do and if we have enough teams we'll either switch the event to be just full teams or have a separate mini tournament for those premade teams to face each other (a bit like the separate operative bracket in normal URC events).

You can sign up as an individual AND as a team if you like.

Prizes will be given out for the winning teams and for notable players taking part. Prizes will consist of credits, rolls in the prize bank and cartel codes.

If you'd like to take part please list your characters name, faction and advanced class and hopefully we can make this type of event a success, please feel free to share any ideas you think could enhance the event.

Signup sheet can be found here: (i'll link it here when we have some signups)