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Master Datacron with expansion?

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Master Datacron with expansion?

_Anderal_'s Avatar

10.08.2019 , 06:11 PM | #1
I know you talked about it in the streams but are we getting a Master Datacron for subbing on launch of 6.0?

DreadtechSavant's Avatar

10.13.2019 , 06:41 AM | #2
Did they talk about it? I must have missed that stream then.
I would not say no to one, but not expecting one. For players already at max number of character slots it be nice if they wanted to make the new species as a character without having to delete a character or lots of characters. Having seen the creation options for Nautolan's I won't be making one free token or not, even on servers I have slots left. If we were given a free token it just means one less slot I have to buy if I drop my sub again to get access to the characters I already paid for before the server merge.