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Why I Think KotFE Ruined SWTOR

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Why I Think KotFE Ruined SWTOR

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05.03.2017 , 11:12 PM | #531
Chapters are garbage. RNG is garbage. This game is becoming garbage. Try adding some content like real fp's, operations, and new war zones. Like other successful mmo's. End of story

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05.04.2017 , 12:39 AM | #532
Quote: Originally Posted by OneHit View Post
Chapters are garbage. RNG is garbage. This game is becoming garbage. Try adding some content like real fp's, operations, and new war zones. Like other successful mmo's. End of story
Yep ^, no offense intended ofc. I liked everything about SWTOR up until the start of the Kotfe/Kotet arc, everything after that (minus getting companions from other classes) just doesn't appeal to me.

Zoroth_Infintium's Avatar

10.13.2019 , 03:19 PM | #533
I'm late to the party but I 100% disagree. That's all...

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10.14.2019 , 12:56 AM | #534
Holy necro Batman!
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10.14.2019 , 03:18 AM | #535
I feel like the original poster must have hated the Yuushan Vong. Also, he did not read Revan.

Interestingly, in that book, both he and Bastilla both spoke of the same issue. Bastilla recollected how Darth Traya wiped out everything that they had worked for (making KOTOR 2 the first time that "everything is rendered meaningless" by the OP's standards. Before confronting the Emperor, Revan spoke to Scourge of how there can be victory in defeat and how, even if they fell against the Emperor, their sacrifice would buy time.

Hell, if he wants to look at meaningless, look no further than Luke Skywalker. Whether it's Legends canon or Current, the New Republic falls during his lifetime. (If it's Legends canon, it also falls after his lifetime.) Everything that he fought for is swept aside and becomes meaningless. Does it make his story devoid of meaning? I would say "no."

Just because governments rise and fall during a person's lifetime does not make what they did meaningless......for a time. Ultimately Entropy and the passage of time renders everything meaningless but it doesn't mean that one just sits down and gives up because it will be ultimately meaningless.

As for Part 2.....a lot of things in Star Wars don't make sense. Slavery, for example. Why have slaves when you have droids that don't need food or water....or even oxygen if you're building a moon-sized space station? Slaves are also problematic and require resources to watch over them as well as maintain them plus they become an asset to your enemy if the only three people who do any damn work in the Rebellion show up to free them . With a droid, you just say "Build this. Shoot anyone who tries to interfere." and you just leave them to it. The only reason to have slaves is to put up a big flashing sign saying "WE ARE EVIL.....AND STUPIDLY INEFFICIENT."

There are a whole lot of other things but I'll leave it at that one example.

Part Three: The Mandalorians would disagree. So would the Yuushan Vong. Part three strikes me as a fear of change and a willingness to rehash the same story over and over. There were a lot of issues with the story of KOTFE but introducing a side that does not fall within a binary script isn't one of them.

Ultimately, the OP falls under the Your Mileage May Vary line of thought. It is a very subjective thing. If you believe that deviation from the same "Dark=Evil vs Light=Good" storyline ruins Star Wars, that is your opinion. As for myself, I can enjoy a much broader version of the universe.
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10.14.2019 , 04:31 AM | #536
KOTFE and KOTET for me were a refreshing respite from the back-and-forth, dull, worn-out imp vs. pub lines, and the stories were rendered beautifully! Amazing attention to detail and artwork.

Some mechanics in some chapters were a bit more than I cared for, but overall, well done.
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10.14.2019 , 10:48 AM | #537
I hated the Kotfe and Kotet . But not cause of the whole 'Imp vs Jeeday'' stuff . But because the whole story is Daddy-Mommy-Drama .

I mean, they (BW) on the front Page say ''Decide your destiny'' . What destiny is that ? Whole time in Kotfe and Kotet, all you get tossed around . Valkorian preach about letting go of the past (Light and Dark), and you don't ascend at all . You are stuck with your boring old powers....but the guy is harping that you are special...a chosen one..just like him .

The choices are an illusion, hell they even have that Scion guy scream it during the fight . None of the choices mattered, for the STORY . I was hoping for choices that alter the story, not Shooting my Allies and call it a choice . How letting Vette die hurt Valkorian huh ?

Really felt like my character was there , to just get yelled at by Arcann , get kicked , tossed around by everyone from Zaakul (Them damn knight), and to advance the damn cutscene..and chapter....forward on .

And then, the showdown of STAR WARS was you hiding behind a shield facing arcann . Then using a cube against Vaylin to win, and LAST another CUBE and a PASSWORD to win against Valkorian .

I guess..even in Star wars...if you don't are screwed lol take that Sith Emprore..error 404! LOL

And that ending......Gather Allies from Both Repb and Sith....and guess who show up to help you ? Ghost you hate like hell....

Hell even in the felt very disconnecting . Here you stand while Senya talk about being a wife and a mother...Vaylin cackeling and whining.....and I'm like......where is the credit roll ? I want out of this soap guys should have gone to Jerry Springer!!!

And finally.....once you get trough this horrible exuse of a story, if you choose the Light Side lose . You get NOTHING...

If you choose the dark side choice, you don't get a) Empress Title , b) Throne , c) Eternal Fleet ( went nananére....what a pity...plot armor stuff) .

And the biggest sucky part ? Shoving 8 class into 1 Outlander boring-exuse of a story..yeah . That was the worst .

I loved Revan expansion, I loved rise of the cartel...I still do them . But aint gonna do Kotfe and Kotet anytime soon or ever . Got 3 toons to go trough them , thats more then enough . Every Alt stop at Yavin 4 .
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