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DEVS Storyline feedback and request for more interactions, especially LIs

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DEVS Storyline feedback and request for more interactions, especially LIs

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04.07.2016 , 07:37 AM | #1
So I've been pretty happy with the story so far. I especially love that you guys brought Lana and Theron back into the fold (considering our topic on him is still going, and I don't doubt due to some of the things we've seen, that you guys read it) etc.

As a player, I would personally like to see more interactions. I've loved all the small things you've thrown in, like Theron having a LI (love interest) letter and it being amazing, with little things like Satele's locket this chapter. Small things that actually really mean a lot.

While they're nice, they're still a bit confusing.

I'd really like to get to see more interactions between characters, especially LIs.

I would expect old crew members to be responding at least a bit to each other (Lokin, Kaliyo, SCORPIO). I personally love Lokin and would like to get to interact a bit more with him. Also used to call Kaliyo out all the time but nothing from him. The one other thing with Lokin is (I don't know your story plans so it could be related to that) but
Yet we hear, absolutely nothing..

Kaliyo and Aric just were reunited if they were LIs to players. I think there are a few small suggestive comments but other than that, you don't see them spending time with your character. I would think at least Aric wouldn't be letting you out of his sight for awhile, and even if he did, it would be cute to see small scenes of them having time to catch up. I did love the line

Kaliyo I've never romanced so I've got no feedback there.

Lana/Koth/Senya/Theron- we've had very few interactions to anyone who's been in a relationship. Lana has had the most, flirts, kisses and finally lock in. I think Senya had a few flirts. Theron had lock in and one flirt. Have not romanced koth so no feedback on him.

I'd really like to see more interactions with them. You get the one flirt with Theron

While the line was incredibly cute, I can't help but feel we're missing out on a lot. Does he try to get you alone often or something? What does he do if so? Is this a game they play together? I feel like part of the joke is missing because we never experience it. With Aric, when people reunite with them and break up with Lana/Theron/Koth
These are great, but I would like to see more of it on a normal level. Apparently our relationships are moving forward, but we're not getting any idea of how or what's going on.

Its also confusing because where did these emotions suddenly come from? Lana I can get, you do a lot of running around with her in the beginning. But Koth and Theron? You don't get to interact much with either of them. I mean get on a ship and go places, but we don't see any real relationship stuff. I loved the Revan expansion because your relationship actually expanded, you could watch it grow. You could be mad at each other, you could sympathies and comfort the other. Heck you could threaten to burn Revan's stronghold down (that was awesome btw LOL). While the ending still felt a bit sudden and more of like a fling, it was still nice. But we actually saw development. Id love to see more of that here.

Theron is such a well developed character via Annihilation etc. Plus YOU GUYS HAVE THE AUTHOR OF IT FOR THIS. Plus Troy Baker is freaking amazing. You can do so much more with this ch. Just the little bits we've gotten have been so perfect, but so short. Commentary when flying to star fortresses, when you give gifts, letters, etc. you have this epic ch with all these means, please use them more.

The same with Lana and I guess Koth lol. I'm not the biggest fan of Koth, he's okay. I really was not fond of Lana at all until Kotfe. I don't know why but I couldn't get into her. You learn so much more about Lana and she becomes really likable. Also things like Senya etc. I love having deep talks with Senya. You have such great stuff here, you just need to use it more.

Lana I could see something like when she first gets you, you can flirt while running around doing other things.
Theron is very much like Senya, where when he is on a job, that's where his focus is. No one unless they knew you personally would have any idea you're in a relationship with him. Except for maybe an occasional smile, look or touch.
Koth I've got nothing on, as said. sorry.

Ideas maybe that could be cute or fun:

Lana: Go annoy her while she's working, only to make her laugh and get a cute moment or kiss.
Theron: story time in the cantina.
Koth: interact while he's doing mechanical stuff, maybe even help

Id be awesome to do scenes like dinner or before bed type stuff. I don't think you'd be allowed to but even a scene of just cuddling on the bed talking would probably make a lot of people happy. (all LI's not just these 3)
I could totally see Theron trying to steal you on a date and planning to make dinner...
"So how did making dinner go?"
"Well...not what I'm used to for a kitchen. The good news is the base didn't burn down."
"Totally kidding, everything went fine." (it actually did)

So because I'm rambling, I'm loving the story, but I really would like to see a lot more interactions with characters. You're dating someone, we get hints and some cute letters but we don't see them actually learning about each other, challenging and consoling each other like in Revan. I'd be great for if Theron does get a letter
it would be nice to see him dealing with it. How does he feel, does it make him sad? Can you console him or be mean? ALSO
I would LOVE to see and interact with a response like this. Also, where the ell is Malcom? Dads totally disappeared!

Can we talk to Lokin about where the heck is Vector? Or just have normal IA chats with him? Could Niko actually smuggle us somewhere or talk to us more (he was awesome during the original trailer)? Could we bother or not bother Lana about finding where Quinn is? Or Killik hives looking to reach out to find vector (Even if he wont come till next season, boo). Will Pierce and Vette interact? What about Gault and Blizz? I'd love to see more Blizz too (he's hilarious). Also all of this history with Quyzen and he's not talked to you since you got on the base? It's just weird.

I'm keeping fingers crossed for the Mando reunion. Torian is one of my absolute favorite romances because of how down to earth and mature he is. But people who are characters spouses, I'd think would have a much bigger reaction to seeing you. (Aric's was cute but I felt needed more scenes). If I had a spouse and thought they were dead for 5 years only to have them show up again, I wouldn't let them out of vision range, let alone let go of them probably for hours. Even little things, like gearing up with Torian, kissing you and then him giving you the mando helmet kiss as he walks off. I could also kinda see him holding you and re-saying the wedding vows to you because he thought you were dead (not that I think he went looking for comfort elsewhere).

I've loved the story so far, I really do. I just think there could also be a lot more to make it better. If you all could add things like this, as a player, it would make me really, really happy. My only other request is please deal with facial expressions, most of them look beyond creepy...

thank you!
Thank you dev's for Theron Shan !!!!!!! Now just please don't kill him...
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04.07.2016 , 08:01 AM | #2
Also LI Additions:

Jonas Balkar
The really hot chiss admiral I can never remember the name of on Hoth

I REALLY like this too!

I've also thought it would be nice if your PC's room had little indications of somebody else visiting it after the married mark, e.g. a uniform shirt on the bed or an extra blaster hung on the wall. Doesn't have to be big, just something that indicates 2 instead 1.
I've actually suggested this before and highly encourage it, you can change up how you respond to thinks even going off for a bit together etc

JourrnoRush -They should make a "loop" of responses similar to the Alliance Alert leaders (Tech, Military, Force, Underworld leaders with the KOTOR dialogue).

YOu figure they are going to get romances back for voice acting. Why not have them do some responses so that if we start a conversation with them on Odessen or in a "rest area" we have something to talk about.

Yes, I do realize that it would be the same "loop" of responses I can choose. Though it would be nice to have the characters say more than what is currently available.

JennyFlynn -Agreed. I headcanon'd the run & hug sequence because pfft Bioware. My lady missed Theron okay? She genuinely had feelings for him and escaping from the Spire to finally arrive in the Swamp and get inside the Gravestone where she found access to her messages and read Theron's letter.. that's about all that reinvigorated her to keep on fighting and make it out of that mess despite all she'd been thru thus far in a semi short time period as those 5 years are fully lost on her.

They may not have been in a proper relationship as Theron indicates in his letter however, he was the first guy to really set loose those type of feelings in her and through Korriban/Tython/Manaan/Rishi/Yavin/Ziost and all they witnessed there and went through together they've become extremely close so yes, she's overjoyed to be reunited with him.
I get the hesitation at first because he has no idea what you remember, but once he realizes you're okay, I would have thought there would have been a more excited response.

catsi Ive often thought one thing BW should do is introduce a weekly mission to talk to all 5 major companions and a daily mission for each one.

the daily mission would have 3 options

option 1 well call lets chat.

in lets chat the character talks to the companion and they chat about life the universe and everything. the companion will reveal random things about themselves and their past, and discuss events in the prior story including makeb, oricon ilum and rishi and yavin and ziost.

this conversation can also be based partly or in full on romantic status, thus if the comp is married they can disucsss the relationship in the context of the above and the future as well as out right grab the comp off their feet and kiss the bejeebus out of them.

conversation ends with a thank you for more platonic comps and a kiss and hug from romantic ones

option 2 well call lets go on a date.

in lets go ona date the comp suggests or offers or is offered some time off to ""go do something fun."" they can go with you to the ships lounge area or even any cantina where the two talk play pazzak, and just in general let tdown their hair.

Again in terms of more platonic companions the comp thanks you for the good time and returns to their duties. the romantic companion though has an extra but in mind as he or she isn't done just yet, and they kiss you before suggesting some quiet time which you can accept or refuse. Conversation ends with a kiss regardless.

last option is Lets have an adventure.

in lets have an adventure your comp has heard of some new neat shiney person, place or thing somewhere and wants to go explore it. the player can refuse the mission or accept it. if accepted a mission is gained to go to XX location in your ship and visit the local with your companion.

why is this important? because this is a chance to visit places previously offlimits to opposing factions, by using the dromund kaas mechanic from the JK storyline. a quick instanced version of the planet, such as one of the republic zones on Nar Shada, or tython or korriban or DK or Corruscant. places our hero almost never gets to go.

after engaging in whatever shenanigans the pair get into hunt donw macguffin X, kill person Y, see huge flower Z that tries to eat you. the pair return to the ship having had their fill of adventure and again n the case of non romantic companions after a brief conversation about the adventure with a couple discussion options thank you and return to their duties.

more romantic companions admit the adventure has heated them up a bit and offer a a further bedroom adventure to explore. the convo ends with a kiss and an I love you.

Part of my thought is that this gives people the chance to interact more with their preferred companions obviously but also with their less well liked or used comps. people like Rusk, or skadge, or m1 -4x so on and so forth. a chance to talk to these comps and intereact with them might make them more acceptable and lessen some of the hate towards them.

I admit being able to talk to skadge on a more regular basis might make every bh ive ever played less inclined to throw his smoking flame throwered corpse out the nearest airlock after shooiting a few missiiles into it.

also as part of this Id like to see some alterations in the companions random dialogue especially as pertains to marrage and romanced characters. having Vette who I adore tell me I'm sort of insane is cute because its true LOL, but having her tell me nor to get any ideas in my sithy head is a bit wearying after marriage.

Same with having azshara constantly harp on not betraying her teachings. Kiddo I got news for you, you already betrayed your teachings especially of the order of those times when you didn't take me into custody or fight me after I killed your masters. good of you to not fall to fear and violence but you proceeded to help me crush the republic on Hoth and Quesh corellia belsavis and voss events which included killing several jedi along the way. that ship has sailed.

I know the above would be a tremendous amount of work I don't take that for granted at all, lost of voice acting for the various conversation options and of course the missions would be disabled with KOTFE as you progress through that story.

but still I think it would be a fun option for players and provide them another end game option especially for roleplayers.
Thank you dev's for Theron Shan !!!!!!! Now just please don't kill him...
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04.07.2016 , 08:18 AM | #3
Love the idea


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04.07.2016 , 08:38 AM | #4
I totally agree with you!

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04.07.2016 , 10:56 AM | #5
I wouldn't mind if there was a small post-chapter additional dialog with your specific LI. Kind of in the way old companion conversations were like, each time you finished on a planet or whichever you'd have all these little chats with your people on the ship. They can do that for just your LI now. I assume many of these guys are in the studios anyways recording upcoming chapters so why not toss in 1 extra minute for this?
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04.07.2016 , 12:56 PM | #6
I agree with said ideas too. Some of which were included in my thread "Need for ..." Please make us happy!
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04.07.2016 , 04:24 PM | #7
Read all of it, and I definitely agree. /signed

That hot Chiss admiral on Hoth is Aristocra Saganu, btw :P I have a soft spot for him as well. Also the adorkable SIS slicer, Chance, that we can flirt with on Taris. But nothing EVER comes of it.
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04.07.2016 , 05:03 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by GabbyMe View Post
. Also the adorkable SIS slicer, Chance, that we can flirt with on Taris. But nothing EVER comes of it.
Yeah, my Agent would just punch him across the face after the crap he tried to pull on me.

I do still have a thing for Saganu, though... Mmmm...

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04.08.2016 , 10:12 AM | #9
More with Lana please . Jedi get to sleep with Theron..and we get noooothing

And we had 2 kisses , and one was spoiled by KOTHEEEEEEEEEE....


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04.08.2016 , 10:17 AM | #10
I really love some of these ideas about how to add time with our LIs back into the game. The idea of a quick talk with them like we can do with our 4 resource leaders would be cool. The idea of a "let's date" "let's adventure" "let's talk" mission once a week or so is awesome as well, but I dunno if they'd give us that much. I wish they would, though! Having companion convos after every planet is something I really miss from base game.
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