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Creature Companions

Kraysk's Avatar

01.22.2019 , 12:09 AM | #1
So while almost everybody on these forums are obsessed with story comps, romance/SGR and so on, i'd like to suggest to add more beasts/creatures as actual in-battle companions.
All these human/humanoid comps can become quite annoying after you've heard his/her phrases over 9000 times during the game, and recent addition, Paxton, is the epitome of it (not his finest hour, you know).
While battle beast such as banshee, mawvorr, tukata or any other are much less tiresome. And that's why i completely turned to creature comps recently.
But there are surely not enough creature companions in the game.
Why can't we have some lylek that would fit perfectly for our twi'lek characters? Or rancor? Or maybe womp rat or dewback? The list can go on.
I'd rather buy any (or all) of aforementioned than summon Paxton ever again.

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01.22.2019 , 06:19 AM | #2
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01.22.2019 , 03:15 PM | #3
Vulptilla must become a companion!

I like the Akk Dog, K'lor'slug, Nexu, Tuk'ata, and Wampa but don't buy them because of the ugly, huge electro-shock slave collars. If they came out with a collar-less (or normal collar) customization, I'd get them.

IMHO, the other companions are just too ugly. The Banshee and Bogstalker tend to annoy people due to all the flapping, especially when they get in people's faces.

I'm also disappointed that the Pet Tricks went away. The stupid pet tricks would have made me spend CC but apparently they were yanked at some point.

Here are some pets I would love as companions, assuming they didn't have huge collars:

Exobar - Giant, chompy, space dog for the win!
Drake - Pet attack lizards are awesome.
Lylek - Command your giant spider-crab to kill.
Nekarr Cat - The only thing more awesome than a Nexu!
Womp Weasel - I kept feeding it and it grew so big... LOL
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Arkamos-Aurelius's Avatar

02.16.2019 , 03:20 AM | #4
#VulptillaCompanion x2
Chemilizard looks like it was made to be a battle companion, what's with all that armor.
And if you create a Varactyl companion, my friend would lose it and instabuy.
Also, have I mentioned Hssiss?
If Whitefang ever makes it to companions, I would lose it and instabuy XD