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Bounty Contracts no longer legacy bound, kingpins unpurchasable on alts

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Bounty Contracts no longer legacy bound, kingpins unpurchasable on alts

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11.07.2019 , 11:27 PM | #1
Now that Completed Contracts are currency, they are currently set to character instead of legacy. This needs a second look. Not only can you not transfer between characters for the gear stations, you can't even buy kingpin contracts on a new character. I'm really hoping this was not intentional, it honestly makes no sense. If you can only run one a day, the only way to really get any use out of the event is to do it on multiple characters. If you only get contracts for that character, it ruins the point of running it on multiple characters, and really removes the fun of the event. The completed contracts need to be at least legacy bound, or this event will be ruined.

I have run at least one character through every single bounty contract event, but if this is the new way it works, my favorite event will effectively be worthless. If this is not a bug then it is a major mistake that needs to be changed asap. I know it isn't the most popular event, but between the several months of waiting for the event to come back with no word on it no longer being monthly, and now this, I would really like to know if Bounty Contract week has a future. I don't want to lose my favorite event, but it seems like these changes are trying to put a final nail in its coffin.
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11.08.2019 , 02:21 AM | #2
The BBA reputation vendor sells Bind on Legacy BBA tokens for Bounty Contracts., one for one. You can then send 5 of the tokens to the other character, then trade them back to the same vendor for 5 bounty contracts, then buy the Kingpin unlock.

This is way more complicated that it used to be.

Also, if you have any Bounty Contracts in Legacy Storage, they did not convert to BBA tokens automatically, nor are they usable. However, they can be mailed to a character. When that character pulls them out of the mail, they'll convert to the new currency.