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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread

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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread
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corandax's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 05:33 AM | #311
The Conquest on Nar Shaddaa is on the fritz. And you get no conquest points at all there. Not for achieving conquest objectives nor for killing mobs or completing missions.

Belsavis heroics work just fine and so is Tatooine. I would test more but Tulak Hord just kicked me out...again

redlightsaberus's Avatar

12.07.2019 , 01:05 AM | #312
Onslaught mission 'Conjuring friends' isn't showing for my sorcerer. I haven't done the quest. I just completed the council meeting and I never received the next mission but I have on other attempts with other characters

darkgodemperor's Avatar

12.13.2019 , 09:11 PM | #313
In the mission where we have to kill the royal guards protecting the kings cousins, I fell into a deep hole beneath where we were fighting and re-spawned somewhere away from it. When I came back to cave, all of the guards in the cave had re-spawned, but the one in the same room with the cousins had disappeared, rendering the mission impossible to complete. Later, the mission vanished from the log. Don't know what to do

Werronious's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 04:13 AM | #314
Serenity shadow bug, Squelch does not reset cd when you have 2 dots on the target at 15 sec mark as before in pvp and pve,now it resets at 13 sec untill full cd. Thats 2 sec wasted in dps.

Jenwisp's Avatar

02.23.2020 , 11:47 AM | #315
Huttbreaker's Auction mission still bugged. Cut scene freezes.

CordTechno's Avatar

02.27.2020 , 08:44 AM | #316
Still cant play on Mek-Sha on Empire Side. The Cutscenes don't load.

Mzuta's Avatar

02.28.2020 , 09:27 PM | #317
Quote: Originally Posted by Sinaroc View Post
Doing Operation Meridian on my smuggler had Tau and Arn with me until Arn fell through the ground and disappeared. He has yet to reappear after several attempts of restarting/resetting the flashpoint.
Not the same problem but on my jedi sentinel arn doesn't appear at all in the flashpoint and with my fist run through i had tau as my companion instead. Got hit by the aerial bombardment and when i respawned, tau was back in her role and, arn still did not appear. I am on my 4th run through on the flashpoint and the other 3 times arn and tau were there in their roles.

MajorBull's Avatar

03.10.2020 , 04:39 AM | #318
Quote: Originally Posted by robwettengel View Post
All mats are not being moved into the new mat storage when the button is clicked. This is effecting not only a single grade of mat, nor type. I have counted it effecting numerous items ranked from grade 2-10.
This seems to be acting just the opposite for me. All material is automatically moved to the Material Storage no matter what is it is set to move; Standard, Premium, Prototype, Artifact, or Legendary. All items are moved to Material Storage.

ElsaSilverDragon's Avatar

03.19.2020 , 08:21 PM | #320
Since this is the masterlist of bugs for the latest update, in my casde 6.1b reputation items are automatically cxonsumed, this never happened before until this latest update, was that the goal ? Can this be resolved and reverted bacxk to what it was ? I do the dailies on CZ-198 to get the rep tokens to sell off to get credits to build up my bank, now, the rep is automatically consumed when i wanted to sell it. So here is me spending 10 minutes trying to find where the heck those things went. Note I am maxed out with Rishi and CZ reputation wise, so keeping those tokens so I can sell them off is a good much wanted thing
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