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Companion Gear showing flashing broken armor symbol

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Companion Gear showing flashing broken armor symbol

Hawkebatt's Avatar

11.07.2019 , 07:59 PM | #1
While on my Guardian I have Senya out and she has the broken armor flashing above her portrait and it says no longer meets requirements.

It is her armor how can it not meet requirements?

Disappeared when I summoned another comp, but still it was annoying. Will probably show up again on next log in.
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Dralnalak's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 06:23 PM | #2
I get this on a regular basis with multiple companions. Unfortunately, the only quick fix I have found is to dismiss the companion and summon them again.

Since armor is only about appearance, it won't lower the companion stats if the game is ignoring their armor. That flashing red symbol is REALLY annoying though.