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Completed Bounty Contracts aren't given and can't be used for Kingpin

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Completed Bounty Contracts aren't given and can't be used for Kingpin

hipoenormous's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 12:08 PM | #1
I've completed a couple of bounties today and noticed that I was not rewarded any completed bounty contracts that are used to acquire a kingpin contract. All I got for turning in a completed bounty contract was a small credit case containing insignificant credits, 760 to be exact. Furthermore, after pulling some old completed bounty contracts from my storage and taking them to the bounty authorization representative I was unable to use the previous completed bounty contracts to purchase a kingpin authorization contract. It's as if the old completed bounty contracts were paper and worth nothing to the bounty brokers association. Please correct this.

HollyUSEC's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 12:17 PM | #2
Bounty Contracts now go directly into the currency tab, and are now per character instead of legacy wide. If your main toon, JediKiller, got the contract, you need to take the paper contracts out of your legacy bank on an alt, and mail them to your main (JediKiller) via the in-game mail system (and yes, you have to pay the shipping fee-- whee, credit sinks). When your main 'takes' the attachment, those paper contracts will go into the toon's currency tab, and will be for that toon alone-- if you want to send them to alts, you have to buy legacy tokens (one token per contract-- only contracts in your currency tab count, not ones in your inventory), and you can put the legacy tokens in the legacy bank, and whichever alt you want, can withdraw them, take them back to the Cartel Bazaar and buy back completed bounty contracts which go into your currency tab, again bound-to-individual-character.

This is an utterly STUPID-(class minus cl) rework. And from what I understand it applies to Gree and rakghoul tokens as well.

**DISCLAIMER: The name "JediKiller" is strictly a placeholder. It seemed catchier than 'Bob' or 'Sally.'
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Zerileth's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 06:10 PM | #3
Ok, sorry, I had to throw in my two credits here.

This is positively, the dumbest design you've ever implemented in this game. It's confusing and completely unnecessary. Seriously, Keith who is working there? You can't fix Tuluk Horde because there's nobody there that understands game development and computers. Are you really down to the unpaid interns?

Crafting was bad enough and the downside to crafting is it has a much bigger impact over more players, but this design for the event currencies is mind blowing. This is a joke right? 8th anniversary April fools? Please tell me a thinking, walking upright human did NOT design this.....

Why don't you just make one currency for all the events and have them go directly into legacy like the tech fragments?
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