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When I Wake

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10.19.2012 , 10:43 AM | #81
I normally don't respond to very much here, but this is an EXCELLENT addition to the BH story. Really fleshes it out..

I'm enjoying it very much, in fact I woke up today and hoped that more was added, and there was!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this and I look forward to more.

I'm enjoying the darkness of it, the intimate feel, you've captured the image of the female bounty hunter in my mind perfectly.
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10.19.2012 , 11:26 AM | #82
asdfkjalsdf .. if Torian and your Hunter don't kiss soon...
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10.19.2012 , 07:09 PM | #83
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Party! Party! *runs around throwing streamers and confetti*

Quote: Originally Posted by Magdalane View Post
I thought the voice was perfect, and wish Miriah could loan her something that didn't bring back such memories.

Quote: Originally Posted by ShawnFish View Post
I normally don't respond to very much here, but this is an EXCELLENT addition to the BH story. Really fleshes it out..

I'm enjoying it very much, in fact I woke up today and hoped that more was added, and there was!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this and I look forward to more.

I'm enjoying the darkness of it, the intimate feel, you've captured the image of the female bounty hunter in my mind perfectly.
Yay! You've just made me sooo happy
I wake up and hope that people have commented
And they had! Win for all

Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
asdfkjalsdf .. if Torian and your Hunter don't kiss soon...
Wouldn't that just be annoying??
You'll just have to keep reading and see...

Now on with the show...


In the taxi....

The taxi ride was long and a little awkward. At first.

Torian, me and a Jawa in between. It sounds like a joke. I sigh and stare out of the window. It's almost raining. The air is polluted, smoggy and moist. The sky is darker than usual and the lights pass by in a blur of purple and red. I should have left Blizz to shut down the ship with Mako and Gault.

I call to the taxi to pull over on a landing. I give him some credits and tell him to get out. It's more than the taxi is worth. I drive. Torian is in the front. I can't tell what he is thinking. We haven't been alone except out in the hunt since we both returned to Hoth. We had a lot of ground to cover and catching up to do mission wise. We didn't really speak until the end of the long days. I decided at some time not to hold back in my fighting. My score tripled Torian's at the end of every day in the weeks we spent on Hoth.

I look at him slyly out of the corner of my eye. He is in Mandalorian armour, helmet and gloves off. Often, it is passed from father to son. Under the circumstances, I don't think this the case. Though armour is also often created by Mandalorian's when they reach adulthood I don't think Torian made that. It looks a little old but still well made. It looks good on him.

'So where'd you pull that armour from?'

He doesn't hesitate. His voice is layered with respect. I want to meet the man that can make Torian swoon. Wonder what he sounds like when talking of me. 'Corridan. Was for his son. But he died in combat a few years back.' He pauses. 'Thought I might need it soon.'

'Looks good on you.' We drift into silence. I drive the taxi in a long route. I don't want to get there before I'm ready.
'Where'd you get the dress? Never seen anything like it. Practical and-' He cuts off. He isn't looking at me. His sober face is almost blushing. 'And... nice.' I try not think of the synonyms or words he was going to use instead. I try and concentrate on driving. Haven't done it in years.

'The General. From when I was his body guard at parties in between missions.' I try to sound indifferent. Nonchalant. I don't look at him. So I don't see the frowning pain that spasms on his face. 'He liked showing me off. Didn't think I'd ever wear it again. Do you think it will be ok? Does it look good enough?' Questions I have never thought before. Should have shot myself back on Taris.

He doesn't look at me. 'Looks good on you.' My smile is small. It's a sad little thing. 'Very good on you.' I feel him turn to look at me. I can't meet his gaze. So I don't see the yearning in them. The liking and desire. It would be too hard.

'Got something for you.' I dig into the small bag I bought. Big enough to carry a small blaster and a few other things. I toss him a packaged of rough leather. 'Open it. Just wanted to say ah... sorry for almost killing you... a lot. And-' I'm thankful I no longer have sweat glands. If I did, this dress would be ruined. I don't know why, but they decided to remove them. No scent, I suppose. Wonder what's there instead. I despise my own nervousness. Unforgivable weakness.

I concentrate on driving. But I am aware of his movements. The quiet rustle of the leather on leather is loud in my earpiece. His hands slowly take out what's inside. 'It's a tooth from the queen monster on Dromund Kaas.' I saved it. A little memento. I sneer at myself. So sentimental.

He looks at it. Evaluating it. He beams under that concentrating, stern face and winces when he cuts his finger. 'Saw the beast in the cave dead. Impressive.' I don't let it go to my heart. My head already knows I'm amazing. 'Showed a holoimage to Corridan. Left a strong impression him. Wants me to-' He stops a little, voice stumbling. 'Wants to meet you. It cleared that hunting ground, though.' He drifts into a description of Drumond Kass's monster inhabitants.

'I'll keep it close.' I look at him sharply. We almost hit the vehicle in front of us. Something swells in me.

'Thank you, Torian.'

I am content. It is a small and quiet flame, and I know that it can easily be extinguished. But for awhile, and in this moment, I will let it glow.

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10.19.2012 , 11:49 PM | #84
om nom nom. <3
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10.20.2012 , 02:57 AM | #85
Ok, this is three short ones in one... I was a little too lazy to divide them XD

At the Casino/party...

I must admit. The casino was mildly impressive.

The three of us walked confidently around, Torian's arm through mine and hiding awe. Blizz does a better job of that than Torian. But then, you can only see the Jawa's big glowing eyes and they never seem to change from being yellow orbs.

We walk to the elevator and take it up to the penthouse. When we walk out, I hear the gun shots from further up. I give a warning to Torian and Blizz. We sneak along. Everything looks normal for a while. Then we see the fire. And that Zabarak huntresses body. I like her armour. Its stylish. Well made. New and light but tough. Very expensive. A little Jedi inspired.

We keep walking slowly. By now, Torian and Blizz can also hear people talking. We crouch around the corner out of the room and look in. There are spots of fire around the room. Everything is broken. I see the same Jedi Master from Quesh on a tiny holloreceiver. Ten soldiers and one Jedi. These people will die. Sooner now, rather than later. No one crashes my party.

I walk out and they all turn to me, Torian and Blizz flanking me. The Jedi Master smiles. 'This is your last chance opportunity to surrender peacefully.'

Why do people ever think that will work? 'Don't you know? Bounty Hunters set their own rules.'

We fight. The Jedi was easy. It was a little pitiful. She could have had potential. But her teachings were flawed. It was a swift fight. When isn't it? For a second time, Torian and I stand amongst dead men with a Jedi Master watching. Somehow, he still thought I was stoppable. Fool, no one can stop me.

'There will be no more even handed offers. Only swift retribution.' His sage voice is grating.

'I will find you. I always do. And when I do, I will kill you. There is no where safe to hide. Not your temple. Not Tython. Nowhere.'

'You'll try. But t-'

'Shut up.' I switch off the holoterminal.

We turn and look at the dead. I didn't really like the other hunters. But I feel angry and sad at their deaths. There was no honour in such an attack. Typical.

'What do we do with them?'

'Leave them. We have no time for burying bodies.' Torian nods in reply. 'We pay our respects by putting a hole in that Jedi's head.'

His mouth twitches. He stops nodding a little. 'Skirra. I can get behind that.' I nod. There may be no honour in the galaxy, even amongst Madalorians, but there is in me. A righteous fury. And it will be satisfied.

We leave quickly. There's blood on my dress. It makes me a little sad. I should have been more careful. I'm slipping. 'I liked this dress.'

Torian looks at me with a grin on his face. 'I liked it too. A lot.'

Mako is urgent when we arrive. She stops pacing and almost runs up the stairs, calling back, 'quick. There's something you got to see.'

We hurry after her and see Gault already leaning against the wall, eyes fixed on the holoterminal. Make goes to the control panel and turns up the volume. I look at the old man that is blue and flickering, his voice loud and righteous. It's the Republic Chancellor. It's not hard to pick up on what he's talking about. We are wanted. Public enemies. Never thought I would be public knowledge, despite all of my efforts to the contrary. Not a turn I expected this game to take. I smirk. Guess I underestimated them.

The speech ends and Mako switches the terminal off. No one says anything for a moment. 'Care to explain what that is about?' Mako is confused and angry. I don't appreciate her hostility. Trying to think of my future moves, what this will mean. 'Why did the Republic Senator just give an address about you?' And she's worried. Don't see why she should be that worried. I'm the one they want.

I sigh and look for something to sit on. Wish I'd bought those couches now. I wave my hand away, dismissively. 'The Jedi from Quesh was there. His second attack failed. This must have been his backup plan. Seems he has the Chancellor in his pocket. Doubt it's the other way around.'

'This is bad... real bad.' I roll my eyes at her and give her a brief glare. Mako has an annoying way of stating the obvious. If she wasn't so handy, I would have ditched her by now. Or killed her. I don't need to look after a whinging child.

Mako continues, oblivious. 'The Republic just placed you at the top of its most wanted list.' Officially. I'm surprised it has taken this long. I break in to their secret base, destroy it, and I'm slaughtering their Jedi and destroying their factories and bases daily. I thought they would go for subtle. I guess the time for that has passed.

'The list of charges is kilometre long.' Mako is so disbelieving as she scrolls through her datapad. If they are going to go at me, they will dig up all they can. Recent and past. Mako reads many things out. I nod along and smile at some of them. Good times. I'm still proud. Most people I've killed deserve to die. More like all, really. 'The list goes on. Half of this stuff we didn't even do.'

'That's not entirely true. I have done them. And a lot more. That's just what they can share. I didn't waste those five months before going to Hutta on just small time bounties. I hit them. Hard and everywhere.' Mako looks at me incredulously. Still. I stare, long and cold, into her eyes. 'It's time to expand the list a lot more. If they want to make me a monster again, then that's what they get.'

She shakes her head and holds up her hands. 'I know your angry but that might not be the best strategy at the moment. It gets worse. There's a ten million credit reward for you.'

I laugh. It feels good. 'It's a little ironic. The best bounty in the galaxy and I can't claim it.' I pretend to be deep in thought. 'You know, ten isn't too shabby. I'm sure the General would be proud.'

Gault breaks in, stepping off the wall and grinning. 'Congratulations. That is more than all of my bounties combined.' That really isn't saying very much. But I suppose I am used to the low time Gault and forget he was most wanted by many Hutts as Lokai. I still find it hard to believe.

I return to ignoring Gault. 'They're dead. All of them'. And just like that, I declare a war on this galaxy. The Imperials and Republic will burn. Then the Hutt's. My list is long, but it will not take me a life time. Time to stop holding back. Been distracted for too long.

'Better get off Nar Shaddaa.' Torian is already thinking ahead. I agree. I had forgotten that this ship was docked and not in space.

Gault. 'Kids right. Every low life on this moon is going to be gunning for you.' It's a kind of sobering. Never been in the spot light. Except after winning the Great Hunt. I like it.

We all move to the cockpit and begin to take off. As we do, Mako fills us in on what else is happening. Seems the Imperials don't want me now I might cause a war they can't win. The people in the know want me as dead as the Republic. What I have done to assist in the last year and a half does not make up for even a fraction, no matter how small, of what I have done. And what I will do.

As we break into open space, steadily flying away from Nar Shaddaa. 'Come on people. I need ideas. Where can we go? We can't float forever.'

Blizz is the first to talk. He's so small, so new, that I forget he is there. He has friends on Tatooine. I have enemies on Tatooine. Even lost in the Dune Sea they would still find us. Gault has a plan already. I hear the word Hutt. The rest is meaningless. I will never work with those back stabbing scum bags.

Torian says it before I can. 'Become Hutt lackey's? Pass.' His word is final. It's beneath his honour. It's just beneath me.

Somehow, Gault and Torian start arguing. Both stand close, facing each other in the middle of cockpit. Never really saw them talk much. Didn't know how they felt towards each other. Guess I know now.

I swivel in my chair to face them and lean back. 'Waiting for something, Torian? Gonna hit him? I won't mind. No? Then Gault, stop antagonising him or I will shoot you dead and Torian won't stop me this time.' They both scowl down at me. Then each other. Torian nods once to me and reclaims his seat next to me and Gault returns to leaning at the far wall and sneering at me, as Mako briefs us on the message we received as they argued.

It's Imperial. From a Sith Lord. They want to meet me. It's a demand. Potentially a trap. Mako makes it clear we have no choice but to go. There's always a choice. But I think this time, she is pitching for the right one.

The Tyrant. It's a start.


I lie awake at night for a long time. I like to hear the crew sleeping. There breathing, their whispered thoughts. Gault dreams of credits and Hutts. He dreams of women and ruling the underworld. Sometimes, he whispers one name: 'Hylo.'

Mako dreams of her new found 'sister'. Her fantasy family. They are sometimes sad. But sometimes happy. Blizz speaks about his old crew. His home planet. His heart beats so fast, his breathing filled with yearning. When I listen to him, I become filled with a yearning for the barren, hot planet and the scorching touch of the orange sand. Sometimes, it's nice to pretend I really feel that way about somewhere.

I don't know what Torian dreams. He has never muttered any words. He stays awake for a long time. I want to know what he thinks. I have thought of going down and asking. Sometimes I hear strange noises. Not sure what they are yet. It sounds like welding and forging. They are a little too quiet and lost in the buzz of the engine. Most nights though, I hear him sitting in his usual place at our crates. As if waiting for me. But I don't go down. I can't always do what's harder.

For now, it is enough to listen.



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10.20.2012 , 07:25 AM | #86
It's weird, I hate him, but I'm kinda excited to see how your BH handles Skadge.

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10.20.2012 , 09:30 AM | #87
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
Lol, I believe my reaction was "Can't I have one &%^&%^# nice day!?!?"
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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10.20.2012 , 10:45 AM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
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10.20.2012 , 07:06 PM | #89
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmama View Post
It's weird, I hate him, but I'm kinda excited to see how your BH handles Skadge.
Yeah, I've just met him but haven't got him yet (only just started Belsavis). Not going to spoil my plans for that one but right now, his only use seems like it would be to scare some children and take their candy.

Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Lol, I believe my reaction was "Can't I have one &%^&%^# nice day!?!?"
Exactly! Why can't something nice happen for a change?!
Maybe I will let her have a good day soon... *wanders off and thinks*

Quote: Originally Posted by Irrissa View Post
You should post it! BH's need more love.



When we go to Dromund Kaas to do something for Mako's extremely long lost and dodgy 'sister', two of her arrive
in the room after us.

They ignored us. They looked a lot like Mako. Nicer hair though. It didn't turn out well. We killed them. Nothing surprising there. I think they are clones. That she is a clone. But I don't suggest it. I know she would be too fragile to handle being a monster like me.

Mako has been strange recently though. Blanking out. Moping for more reasons than usual. It grates on my nerves. Her whining was bad. But the silent moping and constant sighs are worse. Her dreams have turned bad. She relives that day on Dromund Kaas. Suppose it's not surprising. Weak and predictable.

Torian goes to sleep earlier on those nights. Fair enough. Don't think anyone would want to be awake and listen to that. Don't know how Blizz stands it. Only plus side was it meant she went days without talking, let alone flirting, with Torian. Meant I didn't have to leave the same room she was in as much so I didn't kill her.

Think Gault was just as annoyed by her moping. Was more than a little eager to return to our drinking. Even almost begged to go planet side with me. Don't know how Torian felt about Mako's moping. Not sure how I want him to feel about it. Requests for training did increase though, despite already having two - three hours a day. Torian begging is an interesting thing to watch. Body language refuses to sound pleading and so does his voice. His back straight, body rigid and his face serious with so much pride. Only his eyes change. They plead. And I can't resist.

She slowly bounced back in a few weeks. I could tell because her flirting with Torian slowly increased. Seemed to correlate with even more requests for training. He suddenly had an immense desire to learn how to fight with a vibroblade. I could tell from his fighting that he was already proficient. I don't know what to read into that. Spend a few hours every night turning it over in my mind. Never get anywhere. But I appreciate the distraction from other things. I smile a little. Torian makes a good distraction.

But Mako also attempts to become secretive. I know she's snooping in on the SIS again. I know everything that happens in my ship. Don't really care if it gets her taken away, just don't want her stupidity to endanger us.
So I confront her about.

She only has 'bad news'. Says ten of the twelve family members she was able to find are dead. I know she planned the dinners they would have, the catch ups. What kind of lives she wanted them to have. I think it's foolish. To hope for the unattainable. Guess I'm not one to talk anymore though.

But I don't hope to ever meet my family again. And I don't want to. I don't see what part of her life she thinks they will complete. What she will gain. It won't change anything. It won't change her years of being alone. And it won't change who she is.

Hope is for fools.

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10.20.2012 , 07:18 PM | #90
Errgg. Happiness. She needs it.
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