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Top 8 Class Storylines?

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12.11.2020 , 06:35 AM | #61
1. Smuggler - great story and funny dialogues plus that wild west feeling. It reminds me heavily of my favorite show Firefly.

2. Jedi Knight:Basically KOTOR 3. Good story and a great companion cast - probably my favorite cast in the class stories

3. Sith Inquisitor: wonderfully mad and strange. I want the drugs, the writer of that storyline must have taken

4. Jedi Counselor: Yeah, it's pretty straight forward, but I like, that it is a bit calmer and told in a more relaxed way.

5. Imperial Agent :would have ranked higher for the story, but the companions, apart from Vector, are really not my cup of tea. I mean, none of my characters would willingly keep someone like Kaliyo around - there are red flags everywhere. And I really have to think hard to even remember the names of the other companions. Well, there is Scorpio and while I really like her design, I don't like the character.

6. Bounty Hunter: The opposite of the IA, storyline meh, but funny dialogue options and mostly interesting companions(apart from that guy you get last, he was horrible).

7. Sith Warrior :The story was a bit too simple imo, but OK. The companions are a mixed bag, love Vette and Jaesa, don't care for Quinn(that why my female SW will romance Lana) and Broonmark and Pierce was...well...there.

8. Trooper: What can I say, I don't like playing a military character, not my cup of tea. Companions were mostly ok, apart from Tanno.
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