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Why should I play my sniper?

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01.01.2012 , 10:10 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamHDMI View Post
Great voice acting? Amazing story? Shiny ship? What more do you need?
I have to admit, that I can already feel this class starting to be underwhelming at level 22ish. And I can tell its very gear intensive.

However, the story is great. I actually get lost sometimes in all the story lines, and that is the only thing that keeps my sniper going.

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01.01.2012 , 02:36 PM | #32
Thats because you arent 50 yet. At low levels are damage is great, the higher you get, the less it scales. By 50 your damage is no better than anybody elses. BTW every jedi has a way of closing with you. Shadows cant stealth, Marauders can stealth for the time it takes to close to you, jugs can charge, and sorcs dont need to close. All these people posting about how awesome snipers damage is are sub 50 I garuntee. Every sniper on my server that is 50 is underwhelmed with the class to some extent. Dont get me wrong its not like the class doesnt work. Its just, everything is an uphill battle for the exact same things that other classes can do.

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01.01.2012 , 03:26 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaxtaro View Post
You can disagree all day long, but as long as you confuse accuracy debuffs and evasion with CC, then you don't know what you're talking about. What you have for cc is Debilitate Flashbang, and to a much lesser degree, leg shot.

were you thinking of diversion? distraction is an interrupt, not a accuracy debuff. it's not a movement cc per se but it cancels the targets current channeled action and prevents the target from using it for another 4 further seconds... sounds pretty controlling to me...

that entire list is useable out of cover and they are able to prolong your survival which is what i was trying to point out... so my counter question is what exactly do you mean by "disorganized"?

Debilitate is only usable in melee range.
Legshot is only useful against 100% melee characters
And Flashbang is well.... it could be the most useful of the 3, and it sucks to high heaven.

yes they all have their situational uses to prolong your survival, so what's the point? they work when they are needed...

Making lists of skills without any context or statement of usefulness is so ... world of warcraft, it's the actual usefulness of those skills that makes the difference, in the context of your opponents' ability or abilities to overcome those skills.

1) never played 1 second of wow,
2) i assumed you knew when you would need to know each of our abilities so i didn't bother explaining them,
- a flashbang will stop a ranged person for 8 sec, so you can get out of range or setup cover, and if they burn their cc removal cooldown (escape equivalent), leg shot them and get out of range... either way, their surprise is gone, and you can setup... distract is very good at screwing up their channeled ranged shots as mentioned before...

The fact is that most melee oriented toons also have significant ranged attacks which equal the range of our "snipe" skills and nearly equal the damage without ANY of the limitations provided to us via cover and loss of mobility.

use distraction if they are channeled range attacks, my guess is if they are melee, their backup ranged attacks of heavy damage would not be instant... if so, leg shot and create space

If you are in need of CC and can spare the time of an ambush, then your definition of "need" differs dramatically from mine, especially since ambush isn't particularly useful without a corresponding legshot, and that's only again, against melee specific toons (read marauders). Cover pulse is good, and many of the skills out of context are also "good" but they're disorganized, and are far too weak, and mostly meaningless against moderate ranged killers (such as BH's and sorcerers).

FYI i don't have ambush knockback specced... flashbang, legshot and distract appropriately... you sustain zero damage when you're out of range

There should be instead: 1-2 standing CC's that are effective vs. melee, 1-2 that are effective vs. ranged.

we do... as mentioned above...

A burst speed buff to create a gap is appropriate as well.

Entrench is an insult, as it should be full time as a skill. The notion that you should be able to be taken out of cover, which is by far the biggest debuff in the entire game, bar none as a MM sniper is really lame.

i agree, it would be nice, but i'm sure everyone would call it op... just like snipers having stealth... every class needs a counter...

Maybe you only fight marauders or soloing 100% melee toons, but your suggestion is instant snared death when playing against any kind of competent opponent. The only way to escape and reset that actually works is can the knife, debilitate and take off while they're deibilitated. If you have time or the LOS to flash bang, then that's not really a pressure situation.

you just repeated my suggestion... debilitate, leg shot and run...

How is dropping into cover in the face of an opponent in any way, shape or form, playing the style of the sniper?

like i said, my simple answer is because i'm not about RP when a boss fight starts... i shoot the same damage and get the same defense at 5m as 35m, so that's what i do... i just want to start killing him... in fact, it's better that we start off next to the boss cuz if we really need to, we debilitate and back up...

How on earth is it even remotely like being able to set up your fight in advance, CCing the strong, and picking off the weak then focusing on the strong, particularly when due to range, one or more are often not even in your field of view? The fact is that the mechanics of NPC conversations place snipers at a tremendous disadvantage in those boss fights. That's lazy programming or lack of foresight by the game design staff. There re several solutions, especially since pretty much all of them are in sniper specific instances... such as debuffing the melee damage of the opponent for the first 15 seconds of a fight, or altering them so the sniper "escapes" and gets his ranged and opening advantage, etc etc.

i play with the camera zoomed back all the way so i don't have any field of view issues... scroll mouse out if you are???

debilitate and flashbang gives you plenty of time to drop into cover and start attacking what you need to attack... hold RMB, look at your target, tab to target, kill... RMB, turn to 2nd target, tab, kill... focus on boss... /shrug

i'm not going to argue programming or game design, i just said it's possible to deal with the situation...

I'm sorry you're so confused, when I said "you fail at game design", I was insulting Deacons, who made a statement that was completely ignorant of how good balance occurs, I wasn't talking about Bioware.

my mistake then...
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