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PVP/PVE Stat gearing thread

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01.01.2012 , 06:23 AM | #1
I'm a noob. I'm a gunslinger. I like to shoot things in the leg, kick people in the nuts, and throw grenades. This is, for more or less, the extent of knowledge I have of my class.

At about level 30-40, I was overwhelmed in the variety of different stats available on gear. Some stats are a given, such as Endurance and Cunning. However, then comes Alarcity, Surge, Expertise, Power, Crit etc etc. Now, given my base knowledge of the class, this made my head hurt. It's evident what the stat itself does, though I'm having a hard time putting them in terms of my damage role(especially in different specs and PVP/PVE).

**Scroll down now for guides and general pve/pvp help, if you're already a boss and don't need the guides, contribute to the thread!***


I was hoping someone smarter(perhaps even with a cowboy hat in game) could shed some light on all of the stats a Gunslinger looks for in gear. (All specs included) I'm curious to see if the burst of a sharpshooter, the aoe of sabo, and the DoT style of DF require different stat builds in order to be the most effective.

Label these categories with the ideal stats on gear with a brief explanation of WHY the given stat applies to this build/playstyle to perhaps serve as a gearing guide for us pistol-whippers in both leveling and end game gearing:
*side note: I'm not sure if this game has hit caps that are crucial to follow, so if there are any be sure to include!*

Dirty Fighting:

Dirty Fighting:


Feel free to elaborate with any certain spec, perks, or personal preferences you enjoy in your experience(or others) as a gunslinger. (stat focus/gear included please)

Also if there IS a gearing guide already running for a certain spec(as I see there are some) I'd appreciate if the link was posted!

Thanks guys

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01.01.2012 , 07:28 AM | #2
I took the liberty of pulling up some very elaborate Gunslinger guides with some helpful, yet somewhat vague, tips on stat building. Categories include:

PVE Sharpshooter:

Blueheart's PVE guide:

Smiegz End-Game Gunslinger Guide:

Marksman-Sniper Compendium:

PVP Sharpshooter:

While these aren't technically stat based, I figured I'd dump some more guides I found here simply just cause.

PVP General:

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01.01.2012 , 08:22 AM | #3
After a bit of research I've found Sharpshooter stands dominant in the PVE end game scene, meaning there are few to 0 guides out there for sabo/dirty.

So I would love to get some feedback for the sabo/dirty specs in a PVE environment(if they're even viable), and am curious to see what sab can do in PVP as well. No need to get too redundant with the sharpshooting, though good input is always welcome.

Dirty fighting is personally my favorite for PVP, but sharpshooter can be as equally rewarding based on player style. So if you have any advice for pvp DF stats, I would personally appreciate it.

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01.01.2012 , 08:29 AM | #4
Would love to see some information aswell as like you I was very confused with the secondary stats that are obtainable in the 30s+ region. I did however do a bit of thinking for myself from a sharpshooter spec

Alarcity - doesn't benefit me to much the more of this I seemed to have the quicker my casts were the more I burned energy therefore leaving me with lots of 'flurry' time! I could be completely wrong but that's just how it felt.

In the end I fell with stacking surge and crit but dont ask me why just yet!
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