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Marauder/Carnage 5.6 pvp rotation

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Marauder/Carnage 5.6 pvp rotation

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01.05.2018 , 04:53 PM | #1
Would anyone know what the best rotation is for the Carnage 5.6 spec? I'm fairly new to this class but love to pvp, but finding it difficult to find the perfect rotation.
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01.12.2018 , 09:21 AM | #2
My PvP Guide

Carnage doesn't have so much a rotation as it does a priority system. Firstly, it is important to note that recently they have labeled carnage as a burst spec, but when it first started out it was a hybrid (quasi) spec meant to be good at burst and sustain DPS. Though, this hasn't changed the priority system much, it means they did nerf much of the spec. Now with that said lets get into the rotation.

Firstly you need to understand that there are two phases of attack. The first phase is the burst phase. This is where you are going to release your wrath filled vengeance on your enemy and do massive damage. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT BEFORE YOU INITIATE THE BURST PHASE THAT YOU HAVE ENOUGH RAGE. The burst phase costs a lot of rage since they added ferocity and gore. This spec is now rage starved and if you don't manage your rage you will fall flat on your face and waste your damage potential. Now i don't remember exactly how much rage it all cost but a safe bet is to have 6-8 rage before you start.

The second phase is your filler phase. This phase you are basically using filler abilities to perform damage, refill your rage, apply debuffs, and anything else you need to do to maximize your burst phase. You are doing damage and just waiting for your burst phase to come off cool down. Besides spamming massacre, its a good idea to sunder your target with battering assault (and refill your rage). Also if your target is getting heals a crippling slash to apply trauma to them is in your benefit. This is also where i use ravage since they nerfed the damage of it and in my opinion its damage is not good enough to use in your burst phase. And lastly, don't forget your dual saber throw for rage, a slow, and to proc your set bonus to make gore critically hit.

Burst Rotation: Again make sure you have enough rage. Now PvP is an ever changing situation so you may not be able to apply this fully but that's ok, use your best judgement. Here is the burst phase rotation: Berserk > Ferocity > Gore > Devastating Blast > Vicious Throw (Note: that its only possible to VT every other burst window so you may have to use a massacre instead.)This will maximize your damage. Not however it may not be possible to use berserk every single burst phase. Use your judgement to either wait for berserk to become available or just skip it. A lot of situations berserk is just not possible and i skip it but your best damage is to wait for it. Now with 5.0 + I use gore first because it hits harder that VT and it even hits harder than DB. And it will also apply a debuff to the target. Using berserk with your burst phase will give you 3 stacks of ferocity instead of 2.

This is my Guide for PvP and I achieve pretty good damage. Again remember tho PvP is ever changing and the situation may require you to change your tactics. This is a pretty simple guide without going into details of procs and other aspects but I assume you know the basic mechanics of the spec. If you do not then let me know and I'll give a more in-depth version. I hoped this helped