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Concentration sent

Zetherain's Avatar

12.08.2017 , 05:09 AM | #1
I'm trying to dust off my sent and I'm having trouble finding PvE utility builds. Most of the stuff I'm finding for concentration is
A) outdated
B) PvP
C) Both A and B

from what I've found so far its widely accepted that Jedi Enforcer (The first tier ability that increases rebukes damage by 15%) is taken for nearly everything and I don't understand why. Did I miss something that if rebukes up its a huge damage increase? I was under the impression that rebuke was mostly a PvP/defensive ability.

Any tips on gearing would also be appreciated!

AdjeYo's Avatar

12.08.2017 , 06:22 AM | #2
As far as rebuke goes, whenever you think you'll be taking damage it's a pretty great ability. Using it'll buff your damage reduction up to more than what heavy armour dps classes have, so you'll want to use it as much as possibles. The utility is taken because it's just some extra free damage, very much worth one skillful utility point. Also worth mentioning it increases the base duration off Rebuke, making it less likely to fall off before it can be refreshed.

That said it isn't exactly a mandatory utility. My advice is to always take the utility that gives Centering when you take damage, and the rebuke damage/duration buff as a neutral option. You can switch it out for the Cyclone Slash buff on add heavy fights, or get the utility which generated 4 focus everytime you get stunned/pushed etc. if you expect to get stunned/pushed a lot (Revan comes to mind)