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New augments and stats for pvp?

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New augments and stats for pvp?

ferreyrolajedi's Avatar

12.19.2017 , 06:17 AM | #1
Im having trouble with the new augments. Use to run some overkill, but now its eather crit or alac

PrometheanDeath's Avatar

12.19.2017 , 08:08 AM | #2
Sentinels are currently doing max Dps with 1850 alacrity, 1866 to be exact, rest stacked into crit
6 alacrity enhancements (248), 5 alacrity augments (236) grants 1876, 1866 with 228 augments. And besides the accuracy single enhancement, 3 augments, and accuracy stim, rest in crit would be both crystals, 2 enhancements, and 6 critical augments, and bonus crit from your 248 relics.
Rounded stats:
Critical 1600
Alacrity 1870
Accuracy 760
PVE stats
Not that those matter but for other reference
Most pvp players run closer to 1800-2000 critical, around half that accuracy at 105-106%.
And mastery augments do exist as a current alternative to power stacking augments
And if you don't run the 1866 alacrity build, 750 alacrity is the preferred.