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Combat/Carnage Rotation for 5.6

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Combat/Carnage Rotation for 5.6

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12.10.2017 , 06:18 PM | #11
For me the hang up is having to incorporate zen at higher priority than before, because zen doesnt operate on a specific timed cooldown that you can rely on. It organically builds instead. so, you have to build focus and build centering both between precision windows but
-attacks that build focus do not grant centering
-attacks that build centering cost focus
-the cooldown between precision windows now feels like Im in a Saw trap to get both those numbers up in time because they are at odds with each other.

So, now you have an increased budget of focus and have to spend more GCDs between burst windows. Also, once you use your zen another small stall pops up- Zen grants 3 stacks of precision and 6 stacks of zen. Until those other 3 unused zen are burnt, you cant build centering again. So now you have to just spend more GCDs (and maybe more focus) just to clear the stacks so as not to delay the centering build up. At least Alacrity is boosted by zen to make that go faster, but still it still pushes your burst windows that may attacks away and they are already coming slower and softer than pre 5.6.

This is where I end up getting dps stalled a lot, theres a lot of empty space between bursts just to keep the wonky double resources floating.

So these elements keep it really hard to manage any sort of regulated rotation because some windows you just dont happen to generate enough zen or spend too much focus to do so without slowing down several GCDs to do both. This also is dramatically different if the thing you're fighting isnt actually attacking you, since that effects centering generation. It makes it very wonky to manage.

Outside of the rotation and timing differences Ive noticed a few other side effects of the change-
-I never use Inspiration anymore since it also costs 30 stacks of centering, and zen is so high priority now for precision.
-the utility to decouple transcendence from centering is basically mandatory now, since zen must monopolize your centering. (in fairness, i always treated this box as must have anyway. but now Im not sure how youd get around it)
-a case could possibly be made that contemplation is a must-have box for combat/carnage now for optimal dps level since you could couple it with Valorous Call to open with back to back zen windows (not really sure, just speculation from light tinkering), but utilities are stretched so thin that its not really practical to take.
-if i had the utility points, id consider that legendary tier ability that makes force leap also generate focus, just to help speed along the build up.

Im still tinkering with it in general, but thats a little summery of where my issues have been.