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Tank Gearing Efficiency, 258's

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Tank Gearing Efficiency, 258's

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06.11.2019 , 02:27 PM | #21
wouldnt you want to see where shield and absorb reach an optimal point?

the chance of shielding and the amount absorbed are at odds with eachother in the stat pool. the higher your shield chance the lower the damage absorbed. if you can have 4298 points from augments and enhancements, you would want to optimize 1-s*a which gives (only assuming 5% shield and 20% absorb) [0.05+0.5*(1-(1-0.01/(0.5))^((1/70)*sr/(0.78)))]*[0.2+0.5*(1-(1-0.01/(0.5))^((1/70)*ar/(0.65)))] subject to the constraint that ar+sr=4298 where sr is shield rating and ar is absorb rating. one way to do this is with lagrange multipliers, but you could also use a numeric solver or a method like KBN did (rating with gear quanta) or a script like bant. since we dont care about defense (makes the problem much harder) we can just substitute ar for 4298-sr and the problem becomes finding the extrema of s*a, which excel gives as 2493 and maple gives 2492.965434. you would want to use gear quanta to find out what value is obtainable and check which option gives the best mitigation... unless you have a qualitative argument that shield is better than absorb in general, which from talking, sounds like you are leaning towards... obviously this is way oversimplified to show the process, but it should be mentioned how senstiove the extrema are to the assumptions of static mitigation contributions

here is a thread where people talk about the difference between feeling out min max and calcing it out:

no one agrees and there are as many theories as there are theorists.