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Combat log ID for Barrage/Curtain of Fire removed

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Combat log ID for Barrage/Curtain of Fire removed

Dyrusion's Avatar

05.29.2018 , 05:43 PM | #1
I was trying to put in a combat timer in Starparse for the Barrage/Curtain of Fire proc in the Arsenal/Gunnery spec and had found an example of what to put in the timer. After i copied it exactly as shown it wouldn't work for me so i decided to do some more research and found out how to find the combat ID i would have to put into the timer which turned out to be the same as the example i followed but it still wouldn't work.

I then decided to take a look at the combat log myself to find it seeing as this was before they removed the 10% damage buff you got on blazing bolts from the Barrage proc and didn't find any effect gained from Barrage in the combat log.

So my question is: Has this combat ID been removed with the removal of the 10% damage buff and as such made it impossible to get a combat timer for the Barrage/Curtain of Fire proc

Thanks in advance for any information about this.

Also if someone happens to have a working combat timer for it I would greatly appreciate it if i could see a screenshot of the timer specifics.

link is to the timer i tried to copy

Jedipedia showing the same combat log ID

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05.29.2018 , 07:22 PM | #2
The proc used to reset the cooldown AND give a damage buff.

Resetting the cooldown does not show up as a "thing" in the log so when the damage buff was stripped away from the proc there was nothing left to identify when the cooldown was being reset.

In other words, yes. It was a bundle offer of losing reset tracking as well as substantial sustained damage.

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