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My Fellow Commandos - RP advice needed

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My Fellow Commandos - RP advice needed

Blitzinger's Avatar

12.28.2017 , 02:16 PM | #1
Returning from an age long hiatus. I was a lvl 50 commander before I left several months after the game launched. I picked this game back up recently and saw my character is in full battlemaster gear which doesnt seem to be available anymore. I'm on Ilum right now which makes sense because it was a big PvP hot zone before servers started to die. Just wondering, where do I go from here? I have my companion in full pvp gear as well (Centurion gear I think) so I can hold my own in the immediate area for my level. is there a specific place I go to pick up the story?

BenduKundalini's Avatar

12.28.2017 , 07:22 PM | #2
Yes, your ship has a mission terminal. You want to do Rise of the Hutt Cartel then Shadow of Revan and only then Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Gear on comps is purely cosmetic now. Also they can perform any role (heal, tank, dps - just right click their portrait to switch)

What about RP in your question? I am watching the Clone Wars series these days, and though the troopers of The Old Republic are not clones, the military tone and synergy with Jedi is awesome, surely you can pick a thing or two in there.

Welcome back