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Gunslinger for Ranked

Balinus's Avatar

03.31.2018 , 09:58 AM | #1
Just noticed that as of now, a sniper is the currently top1 in ranked. I stop playing before fallen empire, and by then gunslingers and commandos werent taht good. Now they seem to be really competitive. But i wonder, what make gunslingers so good in ranked right now?

ottffsse's Avatar

03.31.2018 , 10:19 AM | #2
I am a pleb when it comes to snipers but the utilities are there to be very durable and have excellent control over melee attackers. First, you have the big shield but that is just icing on the cake. there are utilities to perpetually slow/ knockback any melee attacker and prevent them from leaping to you. One on one they out-dps other ranged classes too so you don't want to go into a "shoot-out" vs a gunslinger/sniper. And while mercs have the reflective shield, snipers get a defensive cooldown reset button which is actually more useful in skilled hands.
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