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Virulence Help Sniper Rifle vs Blaster Rifle EDIT: Solved

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Virulence Help Sniper Rifle vs Blaster Rifle EDIT: Solved

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01.30.2018 , 02:07 PM | #1
So I made a really awesome virulence sniper. She's all poison based. Poison name, Rakghoul drip tuning, black and green, DS, etc.

I started using a regular sniper rifle but I bought a pretty cheap Stronghold Defender Rifle from the GTN for my collection. For some reason I wasn't thinking and added to this sniper. I've run MM fps just fine and she seems to do pretty good damage similar to my Engineer. It just came to my attention that this weapon is NOT a sniper rifle. I really like it and have invested 248s, augs in it.

TLDR: I can't find anything anywhere that says DEFINITIVELY, that I'm losing damage under this class. All skills are available. Am I missing something? What I've read on other threads is stuff like: " I don't believe," or "probably not", or "I don't think so...."

Does anybody know for sure? Again, virulence not engineer or marksman.


EDIT: Ok I think I answered my own question. So I equipped a non modded sniper and checked the numbers, then the blaster...

So for those that want to know... there's a very slight drop in kinetic (i think) damage. White damage? The other skills are the same, like grenade, but for example Take Down was about 8 points drop, unmodded. So that will go up modded and over the course of a large boss fight it should be noticeable by parsing? Anyway, I don't do NiM but I'd imagine I'd be kicked.

Ok decisions, decision... Sorry all.
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