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Breaktown Brawler

FragAssassin's Avatar

03.14.2019 , 01:48 PM | #1
How does anyone beat this guy, I simply can't get past him no matter what.
I have Lana set to healing and solo fighting one of the big guys off to the side and the boss and other big guy with me but I die instantly, I stand in the circle, die in 5 seconds, i stand super far away and kite from the circle, die.
I simply cannot do it no matter what. Any tips?

Edit: I'm a level 70 Merc

-Highsteel-'s Avatar

03.14.2019 , 02:22 PM | #2
The way I did it was.
1. Had my comp, "on heals", pick up the Left add.
2. Didn't AOE under the circle, causes dmg.
3. Put Left Add between Brawler and I when he did his cast, so to punch the Left one out of the way. Reason being the Left one seems to stay put away attacking your comp.
4. Used Advanced Med Units, not Packs, so to heal myself and comp.
5. Make sure you use your Unity ability under Abilities/Legacy and Heroic Moment.


tuulem's Avatar

03.14.2019 , 06:45 PM | #3
Always, always stay in the purple circle of the one you are damaging. Even when you pull, run in and face pull the boss. Do not hit from range. Your damage will get reflected back to you if you are out of it. The amount of "well, sh*t!" moments I've had when watching those Heat Seeker Missiles go flying towards one of the adds at the exact same time I've been knocked back is not even funny any more.

I also run the EC as a merc, although I have Lana in DPS stance (and she's lvl 50 and I made this strat work for me when I was in 248 gear and hell-bent on getting the Sprint Champion title). If you keep Lana in healing stance because you have lower lvl gear, or prefer to have your comp set to heals, this way does still work, it just takes a little longer. Make sure you stay in range of her so she doesn't have to move and drag her add all over the place to heal you and toggle off her healer stun. If it makes any difference, I've got Power Barrier and Pyro Shield from the Masterful skills and Trauma Regulators, Energy Rebounder and Stabilized Armor from the Heroic set. I personally don't use Kolto Surge but it might be a good option for you while you're learning the fight.

This is how I do it: Stick the Brawler on Focus so I can see what he's doing. Send Lana in to the left add and have her beat it down. I run in, shoot the Brawler to keep him on me and start to beat down the right add, moving away from Lana so she doesn't aggro the main boss. Pop Responsive Safeguards and keep waling on the add. Pop my Energy Shield once I drop to about 60% and (if needed) Kolto Overload. I kinda cut it really close because I'm used to how much damage I can take. Use both shields pretty much on cooldown.

I keep an eye on the debuff the boss gives me, pop hydraulics and run like hell when the stacks get high and the Brawler starts channelling "Untouchable" and use this time to heal up on the fly. The stacks max out at 30, but it's Many Ow's if he clobbers you at full stacks. The higher your stacks, the more it hurts when he punts you across the room as this is his "special attack" and that gets buffed by the amount of stacks you have. Staying away from him will slowly drop down your stacks, but be careful though, he does like to jump and knock down/stun you. I will use a kolto station if I need to, since this is usually the only boss that gives me enough grief to need them. Same as Highsteel- (above poster) I will use Unity, the Legacy skill that you get from having one toon reaching Light Side 5, and Polybiotic Med Units that heal me and Lana.

Use Jet Boost to knock away your add when he goes all King Kong and starts chest-beating and a red circle appears under him: He's going to jump and knock you down? away? I can't remember off the top of my head right now. The added bonus to this is that you can then run to him and hopefully drop a few stacks of the Brawler's debuff while he ambles his way over to you.

Lana has usually beaten down her add by this point and jumps in to help on the other add and finishes it off pretty fast. Once I only have the Brawler left, he starts channelling Untouchable. I have three options here:
1) I let it finish and he punts Lana and me away and then starts to try to kill me, but my debuff stacks are reset.
2) I let him almost finish the channel, pop hydraulics and only poor Lana gets booted.
3} Make like Brave Sir Robin and run away. The downside here is that the Brawler stops channelling and leaps to me, knocking me down.
However, he usually goes down super-fast with me and Lana beating on him.

I don't use Heroic Moment with these guys, I'm always twitchy about having to move and whether any of the damage is going to be classed as "coming from range" and nuking me instead.

Keep at it, this one is the worst fight imo. I'm happy to record a fast vid of me doing the fight tomorrow after the daily reset and PM you a youtube link, if you think it will help.

PhoenixCanFly's Avatar

03.16.2019 , 12:58 PM | #4
If you still need help, I can go with you into the EC and observe/coach you. What server are you playing in (I am in 3 servers)?
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