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How to beat Vaylin in Chapter 9

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How to beat Vaylin in Chapter 9

Yorioko's Avatar

12.11.2016 , 12:29 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Chiarakai View Post
Same for me, I tried it on a marauder, light side, so no benefit from the holocron, cant avoid her body slam where she spends 5 minutes bouncing me like a yoyo and essentially killing me, tried getting her to follow me to the healing orbs and she doesnt move until AFTER I run through an orb, and of course as soon as you run tinto it, it disappears. Ive read this entire thread, so maybe I might be able to find a tip or two to help me but my personal opinion is they need to power her down a bit, or a lot of ppl are going to stop playing once they reach this fight.
OR allow teaming up like you can with the emperor in the main story line ( knight )
That would not only make sense it would be the logical thing to do.

Having a choice option on dark or light that if you decide either the game is 100% locked is silly.
They need to tone this fight down more then a little bit.

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12.14.2016 , 03:09 PM | #42
For those playing with lower damage classes like the sage or smuggler, this may help.

I managed to defeat Vaylin in the end but I must have died at least 20 times before I managed to do so. If you go back to the fleet and buy armour mods with as much endurance as possible with shield or defence sub-stats, this can be done relatively easily.

The trick is to get Vaylin zapped by one of the green healing circles and just attack her as much as possible until she recovers. Then go over to the other side of the map and grab the other one that is floating around to heal you.

While you are waiting for them to respawn; just run around in circles, around the throne to minimise the amount of damage taken and repeat the process. It should only take around 4-5 mins tops if you do this correctly.

It is annoying, but it did work for me with plenty of health to spare. I only had 97k HP so it can be done with 80k i guess.

I hope this helps at least 1 person.

bluefrg's Avatar

12.17.2016 , 04:32 PM | #43
Thanks for the tips. I have been fighting Vaylin for awhile, now I have no armor left, I think? above my toon, their is armor displaying red. How do I fix that? With that showing, I just get close to Vaylin, I die. I feel so stuck in this fight! I try for an hour, then stop. come back again, for an hour, stop. It's so not fun. I'm playing story not veterian.
Any ideas?

Extinctionzone's Avatar

12.18.2016 , 02:01 AM | #44
You can defeat Vaylin without even attacking her once.

Just go under the stairs, line of sight her until the green heal circles spawn you do this by moving to the left or right under the stairs and she will keep moving left to right in front of the stairs.

When a green heal circle spawns wait until it gets close, stand on the other side of it and have Vaylin walk into it. she takes damage, then you run back under the stairs, there should be another green heal circle spawning shortly. grab that to top up whatever amount of health you lost when you lead Vaylin to the first heal circle.

then just repeat the process 4-5 times.

I do feel like something is broken with this fight. it was absolutely impossible on my shadow I Just did no damage. but I had zero problems on my Sorc. I had even left and reset the quest, trying again later with some 228 crafted gear mods. and still had couldn't do it.

Hope this helps you guys get it done. good luck

LorcaGneditch's Avatar

12.18.2016 , 07:16 AM | #45
Really, either I'm a complete moron (which I doubt), or the fight needs some rebalance to fit for non-melee classes. Lightning Sorc is killed almost instantly, as he can't drag her anywhere, his lightning and even that thunder strike deals her ZERO damage even in right distance and he has no melee attacks (thanx devs who ripped him off his double stash) and healing costs him almost all the Force stack. Had tried 5 times with no success.
Green circles are all fun and good, but they spawn too slowly to be of any help. So my very best try was - 40% green circles damage. She has very strange pull and incapacitating abilities, those that are not stopped by Unbreakable Wil, and it seems she has some kind of teleport to appear wherever on the map.
And good luck to survive even for the FIRST circle to spawn.
All in all, I presume, the fight was designed for melee class. As the whole DLC, for Jedi Knight. Thanx, yeah, all other classes do not exist.

I understand that she's a boss and all that, but hey, it's STORY mode, not veteran! (by the way i don't think anyone would listen. Just hope I can drop the DLC and return to some class endgame content. Or I cannot?

YingYangslayer's Avatar

12.19.2016 , 06:10 PM | #46
I do agree with that vaylin needs to be nerfed a little, but It only took me 2 times to figure out how to beat her with my slinger, It was hard but I just had to keep moving and picking up the heals that spawn across the area.....I guess the game was trying to bring forth the true skills of a pve player....... Guess we all just rely on our comps too much right?
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12.19.2016 , 06:38 PM | #47
Fight is not bad once you figure out that you need to stay in melee range to hurt her (otherwise she reflects your attack back at you), you need to kite her into the orbs, you need to avoid her big AoE, and you need to fight near orb spawns (i.e. bottom of the stairs). The orbs do massive damage to her.

But before you figure those things out, the fight is a frustrating thing for sure. I died several times. On the bright side, you know those DCD skills you've never had to use in PvE because OP healing companion? It turns out they are pretty awesome, even on DPS classes

They probably should have added a light side companion for this fight in story mode though.

force_fortytwo's Avatar

12.19.2016 , 08:21 PM | #48
Some things to keep in mind when fighting Vaylin:

- Stay close (inside the small, permanent circle). All Damage dealt while outside that circle is reflected back to you. Maybe that's why some of you think you deal no damage and die really fast?
- Use your class' Stun-Break ability (especially when she starts slamming you around)
- Use whatever Snare-break you might have when you feel slowed down (such as Force speed on Sages/Shadows with respective utility selection)
- Regularly use whatever debuff-cleansers you have in store (Not sure if she puts any debuffs on you, but it might explain why some die so fast)
- Run outside that huge red circle. She doesn't attack you while channeling Overload, that's your chance.
- Use the healing memories to heal you, or kite Vaylin through them (this keeps you alive properly OR does massive damage to her).
If you keep those in mind, you will win. Still have to do this on my further alts, but I had to do this ONCE on my Marauder, even when not having Valky's father with me. It is absolutely feasible if you keep those mechanics in mind.

It's not that roflstomp kind of fight, Vaylin poses a challenge. But as some others already pointed out, you need to wear her down. My mara's fight took at minimum 10 minutes, maybe more, but I took her down.
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12.21.2016 , 02:34 PM | #49
Just want to say, Thanks. All your tips were helpful. Vaylin was defeated and so ends that chapter.
Once I realized I could leave the fight and fix my armor. came back with a little time, won.

Thanks again!

Chim-Lou's Avatar

12.23.2016 , 06:02 AM | #50
Well, I tried all the tips I've read here on the forums. However, I keep dying, most of the time within 5-8 minutes on my Sentinel. I have to constantly run towards the orbs, cannot even attack her. But sooner or later I cannot reach the orbs anymore, because Vaylin pulls me back to her and roots me repeatedly, usually 3 times in a row, then she does the Basketball bounce move on me, or the syponing while my break is still on cooldown and I'm dead. Sometimes she also hits me with a random 12k and that's the end then.
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