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"early access" The bad idea

lostnknox's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 10:21 AM | #1
Lets face it this was a bad idea. Me i pre-ordered in September but didnt put the code in until a few days ago and now I am going to get screwed. You guys let waves of people in every hour until you do 4 and then quit for the day? Why? I don't see the point of pissing people off? The early access advertisement on your website is to make one believe that if they pre-order they will get early access right then but its a scam. Bioware this is an MMO. MMO's can fail based on a launch and the fact that people only get access on certain days until about noon and then you all quit is just bad. Its bad because we know you all can get more people in but don't and it frankly makes you all look lazy. I have no sympathy. I am a senior at the University of Tennessee so I have done my fair share of work. In fact I just pulled all nighters not to long ago for finals and you guys are telling me you can not do the same to get everyone in today? I don't buy it. I would much rather bring up servers sipping coffee than have to cram for upper level English classes days after i just finished a 10 page paper. Give me a break! This to me just is showing the dedication that you guys are going to put towards this game and has me half thinking about saying screw it and taking my 60 dollars and buying Battle Field 3. I got Skyrim, Awesome game and with Battle field 3 I am sure I will have just as much fun and not have to wait checking my emails to see if I am the lucky winner when I know I am not because of bad luck. I am pissed and rightfully so and I am not the only one. So I want to see a post saying "We are going to work hard today to make sure that we get all pre-orders playing today" maybe its not to your game plan but things change. How you all did not realize that this is a recipe for disaster is beyond me, especially how alluring and deceiving your advertisements are right now but its time to step up to the plate and get this thing off the ground because the website crashes. Its funny because let people in and you will notice the lag on this site go away. I am done. read and think about what I said.

Averran's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 10:22 AM | #2
Hello lostnknox,

We understand that you are frustrated and that early game access c is important to you, so we'd like to invite you to take part in a conversation on the topic that's already underway here.

In order to keep the forums tidy and discussions together this thread will be closed, feel free to carry on in the thread linked above.