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HK-55 Theory

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10.17.2020 , 12:22 PM | #1
This is an ...odd... theory I've had regarding HK-55.
HK-55 first appears in KOTFE chap. III, but even after his destruction and being rebuilt (Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa) his origin remains unknown. A key point of his personality, however, is that unlike HK-51, HK-55 shares certain verbal tendencies with HK-47. The exact fate of the HK-47, possibly the original(1), that defended The Foundry for Revan, was rebuilt and reprogrammed by Darth Malgus and presumably destroyed on the Emperor's Space Station over Ilum when Malgus was defeated is uncertain.

When HK-55 first appeared, he was in the company of Lana Beniko - former advisor to the head of the Sphere of Military Offense and also former Minister of Sith Intelligence. Considering her positions in the Sith Empire, it's possible that Lana actually had HK-55 constructed (or reconstructed, possibly) out of HK-47 components recovered from the remains of the Emperor's Station, which could account for the verbal tendency, desire to be an individual without backups (something else that HK-47 demonstrated) , and degree of loyalty to his companions/'Masters'...

Yes, I know, it's extremely unlikely and probably a little ridiculous. It's just a theory that popped into my head and wouldn't go away until I agreed to share it...

(1)We know from "Shroud of Memory" that The Shroud captured HK-47 and made duplicates of him, at least one of which fought alongside Revan on Yavin 4 and one in head form that was kept in The Coil until that location's destruction.

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10.18.2020 , 11:15 AM | #2
We know his origins though, he was built to be the Minister of Intelligence's bodyguard if I recall.
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