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SWTOR Romances stopped working

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SWTOR Romances stopped working

jas-thejedi-sith's Avatar

04.23.2018 , 08:38 PM | #1
So I played through Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne then I watched some YouTube videos of the romances in Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne and realized I was missing some romance scenes with Lana Beniko my romance in the game?

When I first played Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne Lana was practically flirting with me non stop when my guy was unthawed by her in the third chapter then as I played the game further I found I had less and less flirt options with her along with the other romance options of Theron and Koth also?

Once I got to after the Gravestone left Alysum but before boarding Arcanna’s ship I had my last flirt scene with Lana where I think I was about to kiss her then Koth showed up and knocked some stuff over practically keeping Lana and I from getting private.

From the beginning of the attack on Voss all the way the very end of Knights of the Eternal Throne, I had no romantic scenes or flirt options with Lana or anyone else?

I was hoping to kicked the **** out of Valkorian then return to Lana for some private time but I never got it?

Like what the heck happened to my romantic storyline with Lana later in the game?

Like is there a way to fix this? Cause I want the developers to patch the heck out of this if this was a in game bug and make Lana be all over me and never have her stop wanting me.

I was watching on YouTube and I never had a scene where Lana and Theron were with me in the Eternal Throne room but instead I got stuck with Senya and her disfigured son Arcanna? Like am I missing something do I need to buy Lana something to boost our love? I cheated on Kira to be with Lana as Lana has got to be the most beautiful female character in all of SWTOR and I want her to be mine and no one else.

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04.23.2018 , 09:49 PM | #2
Spoiler tags because spoilers.

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