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Time for a reminder on how to deal with the influx of players - Guilds!

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Time for a reminder on how to deal with the influx of players - Guilds!

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08.02.2020 , 08:02 AM | #1
Over the last few days I have been seeing people complaining having new players in the game because they haven't been around and exposed to the usual game etiquette.

I am sure people would like a finger-wagging post towards these new people. However the new people aren't going to be on this forum. Usually it's the veterans who visit the forums, and even then, only a percentage of them.

And given it is the old crusty veterans who are doing the complaining yes I am directing this thread to you.

Some of you may have forgotten some things and others may have come on board after the original population spiked dipped so you wouldn't know these things. So here is a refresher for everybody:

1) none of what is happening is new to the game. These were the same issues that were prevalent when the game launched. this is unfortunately part of having a successful MMO is that you also have to deal with jerks. No one wants to hear it because everyone is dealing with it so please get over it and move on. You may not like that advice and you may demand that you won't get over it but all you will be hurting is yourself. And by getting over it I'm not saying to accept it. When I am saying is don't clutter the forums with your crying over it every 2 seconds because no one is going to do a thing for you and it's all a problem of having a successful game anyway which any developer would gladly take. So if you aren't going to be productive, don't *****.

2) On to the useful tidbits: if you happen to be grouped with someone, particularly in operations or flashpoints who is kill stealing, believe it or not the ignore feature is extremely useful. It doesn't just ignore the person; it prevents you from being matched up with them for future group content. This is true in and lead group finder content including PVP. If the person is that egregious of a jerk, and everyone knows how to use the ignore function, this will cut down on the number of jerks you deal with and it will drastically increase the queue times for that individual is they have to wait longer. it is directly punitive towards the offending party and it is a feature that is a lot more helpful than whining about it on the forums or in general chat.

2) I know a lot of you love to be some sort of solo lone Wolf person. but there is very little you can do when it comes to kill stealing out in the wilds where everything is open and not instanced. But one of the things you can do to help yourself is join a guild. just because you join a guild doesn't mean that you now suddenly are married to all this group content. There are many guilds that are very laid-back and will allow players to join their ranks and still mostly solo, because that directly helps the guild with conquest goals. And if you are in an active guild, when you do come across kill stealers, it helps to have a guild on your side because you can group with them and increase your odds of getting the credit, since anyone grouped with you who gets the shot in will also give you the credit as well.

Furthermore, in the guild you avoid the issue with bullet point number one because for most kills you end up killing with them for PVP and PVE, and because guilds have specific rules of behavior, the good ones will not tolerate crappy behavior the thus giving you a better likelihood of having a good time. I will warn you there are bad guilds out there but if you have a horrible experience with one, chalk it up to a learning lesson, leave them, and find a different guild to be a part of. It can be a process. one time it took me four or five tries to find a good deal to settle into because the others we're just as toxic as some of the general player base. but sticking with it and finding that good guild was so worth it. Guilds are the number one way to avoid toxicity.

3) Fleet chat and Dromund Kaas chat (I play mostly in so I don't know if coruscant is the same): are the wild West. It's been that way since the beginning of the game. you won't be the first to complain about it, you won't be the last complain about it, and all those who came before you were not able to change those chats so don't think you will be able to with your complaining as it just adds to the noise. What you can do is see bullet point 2, join a guild, and then you can go into your options and turn off General chat. Now you don't have to see it, you still keep in contact with your more civil guild members, and now you don't have to see the things that bother you anymore.

In short, guilds are in the way to deal with all of the issues you are seeing. And if you can't find a guild that fits you, find for other people who hold the same beliefs you do and make your own and set your own rules.

That's really all there is to it.

Guilds and the ignore function are how we did it back in the day. And back then we didn't even have conquest to make it rewarding for a solo player to be a part of a guild and vice versa.

No one wants to hear you complain. Especially those of us who go all the way back to the beginning. Everyone is in the same boat. So hopefully these have been some useful tools to make playing the game better for you and give you an alternative to just sitting on your butt, doing nothing, and whining about it.

Take all that from a crusty day 1 veteran as some tough love.

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08.02.2020 , 11:10 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post
if you happen to be grouped with someone, particularly in operations or flashpoints who is kill stealing
I am sorry, what? Kill stealing inside FP and ops? How does that even work?
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08.02.2020 , 12:18 PM | #3
Even though I don't need to anymore (guild is leveled past 64 and the rest is meaningless) I still run my guild invite message when I run heroics / farm conquest on SF.

Guilds are a good thing over all for new players, no matter if it's temporary or not.

There are some that seem to be strictly anti-guild.
A player, a couple months ago, told me that he didn't want the guild to get "free" conquest points off of what he did in the game so he wasn't going to join my guild.

Most people laugh at the guild name and want to sign up...if they're looking...or Tarantino fans
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08.02.2020 , 12:24 PM | #4
It's definitely time to tell members of your guild to get out there and recruit.

I didn't count precisely, but I probably brought in close to 40 people into my guild yesterday, 14 in the morning, the rest in the afternoon. One spam in gen chat got me 5 whispers all at once. Couldn't keep up!
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