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Flagship Hangers too dark

starwaffle's Avatar

06.01.2016 , 04:26 AM | #1
Man, so since SHs came out, it's become a running joke with my friends that I only play so I can get more decorations, as apparently I have a knack for it. So much so that I'm the one decorating my guilds flagship. We just opened our first hanger, and I gotta say- it is WAY too dark. The large middle area is bright enough, sure, but that's where the starship decoration goes! The area in front of it, where one might want to put crates, ammo, workshop, vehicles, etc is so dark that it's impossible to make out any detail. I don't know why there are light hooks on the ceiling, as none of the lighting from any of them is capable of reaching the ground, making me wonder why they're even up there. So far my only option is to use the few ground-based light sources that actually emit light.

Does anyone have any idea if they'll fix this? Either increasing the ambient light or making it so the light from ceiling-based lights stretches to the ground where ever they are placed.

HeatRacer's Avatar

06.01.2016 , 11:30 AM | #2
Being that you can make unlimited copies of personal decos for the flagship, you, or guildees, can donate copies of some of the stronger lights, like the Revanite Chandelier and/or Temple Ceiling Light, that ought to reach the floor. I think the Generator light and Laboratory light are also strong enough to reach the floor.

sikosirkusklown's Avatar

06.03.2016 , 03:59 AM | #3
Have you tried using the Mine Carts? They always work for me

Tobias_Funke's Avatar

06.03.2016 , 04:02 AM | #4
Can verify. Mine carts vastly improved any room I placed them in.