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Bounty Hunt Terminal

Moonshift's Avatar

05.23.2016 , 11:43 AM | #1
Since longer there is a terminal for the heroic daily quests in our decorations, which can't be used.
I would like to see a terminal for the Bounty Hunt Weeks, which can be placed in our strongholds.

It also makes more sense cause the Bounty Hunt quests are soloed by the most people.
The heroic daily quests are mostly in a group and needs searching people on fleet sometimes.

The bounty Hunt Terminal could be implemented as new decoration to buy at the contract vendors.
The terminal itself should be a desk with Bountyhunter stuff and a little rusty monitor on it. Placeable on small medium slots.
Also would be nice to have a placeable Jabba (in the size like the one on the fleet).

Xina_LA's Avatar

05.31.2016 , 08:30 AM | #2
There is a bounty terminal decoration. You can click the keyboard but nothing happens.
Perhaps this could be set up to give bounty missions during the event.