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Too many npc's on property

lorddragone's Avatar

05.16.2016 , 01:09 PM | #1
Got this message while decorating and was wondering...
1. How many NPC's are you allowed on your SH?
2. Is there somewhere you can look to see how many you have?

Mireleni's Avatar

05.16.2016 , 01:38 PM | #2
You are allowed to have 25 NPCs in a stronghold. Only NPCs that can be targeted when placed as a deco count toward this total--mostly just vendors and companions. I haven't tried placing any of the new Eternal Championship decos to see if they count as well. I think the only way to find out how many you have placed is to go through and count, or place them until you hit the limit and then you know you're at 25.
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