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Humble request to all pilots

Stradlin's Avatar

09.16.2020 , 12:07 PM | #1
BW is about to make some much needed adjustments to conquest. Soon, there will be a patch on Test Server and it is possible GSF, for once, is under some sort of a magnifying glass.

If you happen to care about notion of GSF once more being a viable path to decent conquest, please be vocal about it on Test server forums once the patch rolls in. It could also be nice to do some matches on test server assuming there is something to test.

There are still quite a few pilots out there.. But very few from that "quite a few" use their voices in places where devs might listen. Maybe this is why virtually nothing been as thoroughly sidelined as a source of conquest as GSF. Currently, it takes 90 mins to earn in GSF what you get in 12 mins via planetary missions for example.

Even if there were no other reasons to be vocal about GSF on Test server/Test forums, , at least it'd remind devs of our continued existence.Since Michael Backus has apparently left the dev team (F ), I'm not sure if any of them really 'get' GSF, or pay attention to its status.. They need help with this. Lest, it only natural they'll just half arse all of the GSF stuff.

Very real example of the half arsing: So far, they have given one example of a buff to conquest in GSF:
Starfighter: <Ship> Eternal is now worth 2,200 points (up from 600).
Whoever was busy coming up with this prolly never even noticed how this objective is only available 1-3 times a year. It is utterly irrelevant if that gets nerfed or buffed. Only objectives that truly matter are the ones present each week. I have a feeling that if we are quiet enough, they either half arse or forget GSF again. So could we please help them out? We could test stuff, brainstorm stuff. Come up with fun daily objectives for GSF. This is a valid opportunity to actually influence and improve a massive reward system that interconnects all the varied playstyles of TOR; GSF included.

Initial announcement thread here:

Thread about GSF as a source for conquest on test server forums