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Alternative Strongholds

Dusterly's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 02:41 PM | #1
The current Strongholds are great. They're big and shinny and opulent. If your character wants to live in the lap of luxury, they are all you could hope for in a place to call home.
But what if they don't?
What about the Smuggler down on his luck, the Jedi who wishes to live simplistically, the Mercenary or Trooper who just wants a place to stow their gear. The current Strongholds are much too big and prosperous looking for the likes of the common citizen or starting off hero (villain, anti-hero, drunk hobo...) an alternative stronghold on each world should be available for these individuals. One to three room apartments, kind of run down looking or just simple plain looking walls. Even just a simple campsite outside with a tent or small underground bunker or a room above a noisy bar on wrong side of town would be what these individuals would ever want (or could afford).
Please consider making smaller less lavish looking Strongholds on all current worlds and future worlds.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

10.22.2015 , 01:58 AM | #2
Listen to the holostatue advertising strongholds. (I think they are hilarious, on both sides.)

Now imagine this sequence:

Holostatue: Come, buy a stronghold, throw parties, show off your success!
Player: Buys a shack.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
> @"Biff.5312" said:
> Exercise your whimsy.

OniGanon's Avatar

10.22.2015 , 05:52 AM | #3
You could buy the basic Yavin Stronghold, don't bother unlocking other rooms and say you're squatting in an abandoned temple...