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how do i get a stronghold

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10.14.2015 , 03:03 PM | #1
how do i get a stronghold or any of the other perks, my friend is also a subscriber and he gets all the perks, trying to find out how to get the makers of this game to respond

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10.14.2015 , 04:18 PM | #2
All strongholds have to be purchased either by

(1) In game credits or

(2) Cartel coins.

Nar Shadda had 3-5 rooms given to subs for free, at a specific time frame when the strongholds were first released which was about a year or so ago.

Now all strongholds are purchased if you want one and some like the ones on the capital planets are fairly reasonable to unlock but then there are the ones like Nar Shadda, Yavin and Tattoine that can be quite expensive. I know my boyfriend and I paid close to 13m just to unlock all the rooms so it can be quite expensive.

As far as other perks it would depend on the perks but depending on the length of time your friend has been a sub could be the reason your friend is receiving perks that you are not.
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10.15.2015 , 06:51 AM | #3
To purchase a stronghold (Coruscant and Dromund Kaas are 5000 credits each if you pay by credits, but beware of the cost for visiting them on a character from the opposite faction), either:
* Go to the strongholds/crew skills part of the Fleet, where you will find a terminal for each of the strongholds relevant to that faction (i.e. no terminal for Coruscant on the Imperial fleet). Go to the terminal, and right-click to activate it. You should be able to navigate it to get a button that allows you to buy the stronghold. But find the holostatue in the same part of the Fleet first, because it gives you a quest to buy a stronghold and visit it, with a beginning set of decorations (furniture) as a quest reward.
* Go to the planet that hosts the stronghold you want and find a local copy of the terminal for that planet's stronghold. On the capital worlds, you will also find a copy of the holostatue.

Other perks (rocket boots, in-the-field mail droid, "repair" droid (actually a merchant who sells medikits, but all merchants can repair gear), training dummies for your ship, etc.) are available mostly through the Legacy panel (default key: Y) for credits or cartel coins.
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