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PvP and the path of least resistance

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PvP and the path of least resistance

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02.28.2021 , 01:48 AM | #1
So the way things stands now, only wins progress the weekly and daily in warzones. The idea was to prevent people who only queued to complete these task and not to actually play. This condition has done this, only now it has gone in the other direction. Q's are super fast into warzones because so many people are joining as a group.
If only wins count then stacking the odds in your favor is the best use of your time. What these means though is that you've made unranked a mode that is useless to the solo mode player. As it stands I am 10 wins and about 120 losses. I can count on my hand when these games where close. Most of the time the stomp happens early and fast.
You know it's a premade at least in part on the other side if you just pay attention to movement and ability use. The problem is that this has made warzones dead content for me. You may be thinking, find your own group, well, while I like PvP it's not something I want to do for a long time. If I want to PvP for an hour or more I go to a game where I enjoy the mechanics more like Destiny 2 or other FPS.
GSF on the other hand is pretty enjoyable, win some, lose some but a premade isn't really a thing for the most part. Just avoid the GSF Q on conquest reset and you avoid the self destruct yahoos making easy points. I think PvP needs to be redone as in what awards completion. Make medals needed be like four. Four medals is not hard. You can spend all your time running from someone popping defensive cd's and heals and make four medals.
I feel this would help from where warzones are now, where a premade is the best way to gain your wins but killing the mode for solos since we share q's. Also I know I understand these are my own opinions and that I don't speak for the whole.

TLDR - Text based forum isn't for you

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02.28.2021 , 03:54 AM | #2
Then go play another game, seriously you're saying yourself you don't really like playing for a longer period of time. PVP should be adapted to those who actually enjoys it.

Premades who just run around together and 4v1 any person is really boring. I have no concern with those who actually plays the game..

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02.28.2021 , 11:05 AM | #3
There are no Victims, Only volunteers!
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02.28.2021 , 11:57 AM | #4
Here’s the thing about the wins-only stipulation, and this is something I’ve talked about in-game with various people. When you got points for wins and losses, yes there were people only queued for points and barely tried. But once those people got their weekly, they were gone. And I could count on one hand the number of times I encountered someone who was just useless in pursuit of their weekly.

Now, you’ve got people who outright refuse to participate if they even think they’re not going to win. The number of trolls and meme players has increased almost at the same rate as premades, number farmers, and win traders. The system needs to go back to the way it was where you still got half credit for losses, but you still got something. Games were more competitive back then, in my opinion. My referral link.

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02.28.2021 , 02:26 PM | #5
The only thing in common with all your losing teams is you.

If you want to win, you'll need to:
1) Take stock of where your skill level really lies, and what your strengths and weaknesses are as a player
2) Select a class/spec that plays to your strengths, or alternatively choose a class/spec that properly channels your strengths towards winning an objective
3) No matter what other players on your team are doing, do whatever you need to to win or hold an objective. If the other team is far more skilled than you are, tell your team that you are going to guard an objective and keep the call incs saved and ready to ctrl-v into ops chat as soon as you are jumped.
4) If your best contribution is to annoy the other team through harrassment, offer to do that. If you're a class/spec with guard or off heal utility, join the fray and use those talents even though they may negatively impact your own DPS - chances are for a less skilled player you might actually aid the best players on your team the most by just putting guard on them if they don't have a tank. Yes you'll die, but letting someone with 10k DPS live longer is much better for your team than you not contributing anything. You may need to say this in ops chat - as you don't want to interfere with a proper tank's ability to guard swap.
5) if you're an objective focused player, seek out other objective focused players and group up with them. In situations where one team is heavily stacked with skilled PVPers, often the "baby seals" only need 2 or 3 players working together to decisively win the objectives.

All this comes down to your own ability to meta-cognate and communicate with your team.
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TrixxieTriss's Avatar

02.28.2021 , 03:00 PM | #6
There is a compromise solution that fixes this without making it so people can easily lose to get missions done, but BioWare refuse to talk to us about it or test it out. This “win only” requirement has driven many from pvp and caused its own toxicity within matches when people give up.

Go back to a points system for wins and losses, but increase the ratio from 2:1 like it used to be to 4:1.

You would still need to win 10 matches to get the weekly done the fastest or lose 40 matches to get it done the slowest.
Most likely it would be somewhere in between for most players. Probably be 15-25 matches to complete the weekly.
No one in their right mind would want to sit through all 40 matches and not try just so they can get the weekly done. There are better ways to get rewards.

This way its not a complete waste of your time if you get onto teams with people who don’t try to win or you get matched against premades and your team of full pugs can’t compete.

It would be great if BioChris (Chris Schmitt) would come discuss this with us on the forums instead of only hearing what the small ranked community says on Discord.

Kaedusz's Avatar

03.02.2021 , 06:45 AM | #7
What the hell do you get if you win anyway? Its not like regs give any rewards worth mentioning. I always do them for fun and want to win cus otherwise what's the point, not for the rewards.
Is there anyone in game that actually does regs for the rewards? Even the daily and weekly give you crap only. So i don't understand the problem being discussed here. Do people leave because of the no rewards. really?

I seem to remember people were always doing this way before this change due to general frustration and attitude problems, not because of something having to do with rewards.
Maybe conquest points is the only reward worth mentioning.

And if you want to gear up a new max lvl you are doing it wrong. Just spam FPs.
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