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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)

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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)
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09.05.2019 , 07:33 PM | #11
[*]Does acquiring gear feel too fast? Too slow?
[*]Do you understand what to do to get gear?
Yes. Equip gear that has the highest level regardless of appropriateness to my class so that I can get gear of a higher rating that doesn't appy to my class.
[*]How do you feel about the primary sources of getting gear? (playing content and Missions)
Hammer Station dropped a ton of gear and I like a resistive hilt as much as any merc, oh wait, I'm a merc. How many barrage, immunity enhancements, resistive hilts and tank relics do I need? Oh, nice to see trash mobs dropping level 4 gear.
[*]How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems? (vendors, crafting, Renown)
Tonight I started get some gold moldable gear. 3 pieces of 279 that were class specific to someone else's class so I couldn't even equip them to raise my gear level to get higher level gear. Still getting lots of 272 gear when all of my gear is 282 or better. Got a few pieces of higher level tank gear out of the crates as well.

Do ya really want to know how I feel about this?

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09.05.2019 , 07:48 PM | #12
Ran about 3 flashpoints, and the loot is a lot better now, much improved, I even got a tactical. Happy days
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Red Eclipse

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09.05.2019 , 07:57 PM | #13
With an equipped Item Rating of 275, I got 5 straight 270 (yes, two-seventy) head pieces from the RNG vendor. My current headgear is rating 276. Brilliant.

I mean, if a gearing system feels so onerous, so cumbersome, so soul-crushing that people can't even be bothered to exploit their way to BiS through the medpac method, that should tell you something. I guess I'll see y'all on 6.5 by mid-2021.

TL;DR - RNG must go.

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09.05.2019 , 08:57 PM | #14
Impressions from the improved loot acquisition:

TL;DR: There is tremendous improvement but some areas still need work.

Summary: Ran solo verteran Hammer Station a total of 7 times - 5 times on Merc dps, once on Sorc healer, once on Operative dps. Started with Merc DPS with an Item Rating of 268, ended up with IR of 273. Started Operative DPS with IR 243, ended with IR 267. Started with Sorc heals with IR 252 ended with 270 or 273 (see section on Relics). This is a huge improvement over the gear acquisition from the last PTS.

The good:

What I did:

The problem with Relics:



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09.05.2019 , 09:07 PM | #15
I play this game for unranked warzones and not much else. I grind stuff as I have to, but it's mostly warzones. My primary gearing focus is to get a tactical, set bonus, and augments. Those things will make a big difference in PvP. After that, a slow gear upgrade (via purchasing mods) would be minimum level of what I can stomach. And I mean straight up purchasing mods, not gambling for them.

I'm sure my 15 bucks a month isn't worth much to you guys and somehow you think this RNG stuff is going to make more money in the long run. So be it, I guess.

Yeah, I tried out the new patch. I still hate it. Sub is remaining cancelled. The only thing I liked was the fact that I was able to purchase a tactical item from Kai, straight up.

I did the trick to basically get unlimited TF. Just getting the right 270 relics (focused ret and Serendipitous Assault). Really the only two relics for a dps spec. It took about 20 tries to get the two relics I wanted. So that's about 2,500 TF per 270 relic. If that's really the kind of grind you guys want to create, can you please just sell the darn things for 2,500 TF. It would be infinitely less frustrating.

If you were to force me to play this game, I would skip the RNG Takanna vendor. I would purchase whatever I could from Kai directly so that I could get a set bonus back and so that I would have some shells that I can augment. From there, I'd have no choice but to buy random mods and slowly upgrade that way. But even at a lowly 270 gear rating, the odds of getting usable upgrades seemed like less than 50%. So many tank mods.This system is really pissing me off already, and I've had the luxury of infinite TF. This is no different than the early days of Galactic Command: crates of mostly garbage.

This gambling stuff is borderline criminal. It should definitely be regulated.

I'm not sure what else you want from me. Get rid of Takanna, let us buy stuff straight up. Until I see that in the PTS notes, there's no point in even logging into the PTS anymore. If you must make this extremely grindy, just set a high price tag. I feel like this gambling stuff is a way to hide the real cost of items - you can adjust the percentages behind the scenes without anybody definitively knowing. It's the invisible cost factor.

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09.05.2019 , 09:34 PM | #16
So in today's patch, I used the random SoW vendor to get my item rating to 270, through a combination of rolling for slots and using the new random mods box. I still don't like the fact that RNG is giving me tank gear and mods on my dps, that's extremely frustrating.

I burned through 6,000 tech fragments to do this (and I already had 3 270 pieces from before the current patch), which I obtained through buying 15 million credits worth of med pacs and deconstructing them.

Others have already pointed out that the RNG still doesn't let us itemize our gear, and that's a real problem. Today on live, when I get a toon to level 70, I can immediately buy a complete set of 230 gear with the mods and stats I want. On PTS, I've burned 15 million credits to hit the first "tier" of end game gear at item 270, and my accuracy as a dps is 107.8%. How am I supposed to get it to 110%? If I were on live, I'd think twice about running a Veteran Mode operation with as a dps toon with less than 110% accuracy, and I expect I'd get kicked out of any Master Mode ops group with that accuracy rating.
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09.05.2019 , 09:37 PM | #17
Does acquiring gear feel too fast? Too slow?
Gear is dropping fine, but at first useful gear is not so much. I am a dps and so far it thinks a piece with the same score but has some protective factor is better. I am dps so mastery is a higher priority than power and never shield or absorb. Use relics are trash relics to me but I see I will have to wear them just to keep my gear score high to get better gear.

Do you understand what to do to get gear?
Certain quests will give gear random drops from mobs and doing flash points, pvp, and ops.

How do you feel about the primary sources of getting gear? (playing content and Missions)
Did not know the primary was from missions until the weekly from onderon was complete.

How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems? (vendors, crafting, Renown)
Renown meh not very giving as the older system gave me other things and not as frequent as it was before. I made a bit of money off the comp gifts. Crafting to complicated and ridiculous material requirements. Can run FP to get gear faster. Vendor Meh so far nothing over what I was wearing.
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09.05.2019 , 11:13 PM | #18
By the time I disintegrated what I got from the Onderon Weekly crate plus what I earned from doing the dailies for said weekly, I was slightly under 30% of the way to the tactical that will solve the cast-time-mobility issue on my healing operative that I have been complaining about since 5.whenever they nerfed op heals. So assuming I do nothing but Onderon weekly, that is 3 wks to bring her on movement heavy HMs again. For that, ask whatever price you wish of me, sirs. (Please don't remove that tactical prior to live. Make it not useable in pvp if you must.)

That's 3 wks per item if you just buy from Kai, so about the same as Ossus, give or take. The mil credits going with the tech fragments is more of a worry for me, but given the changes as far as gear to legacy instead of to toon -- if I am only doing one or two sets instead of 8+, that's actually not awful.

"Actually, not awful" would be the baseline for speed. Especially if the existing Legacy command perks translate to Renown for getting stuff to turn to fragments. "Earn a ton of currency and buy" is much more satisfying than RNG because you can track your forward momentum. Kai is good. Keep Kai.

That tactical is nothing short of the best part of the new gear.

Also, it's petty, but the Roman armor look for the Onderanian armor is excellent. If I have to look at something for ages, it should be pretty.

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09.05.2019 , 11:50 PM | #19
Houston we have a problem.

RNG is still so bad on the Takana vendor that objectively it is not worth it to spend tech fragments on that merchant cause you will just be dissapointed (as a dps I was getting stuff like 3/4 or even 4/4 blue tank mods/enhancements from her over and over - noticeably very frequently, mainhands and offhands that had nothing to do with me etc). There was a slight improvement in lateral sidegrades and upgrades but not enough to offset the random stuff I was getting from her over and over. It is way better at this point to save 1500 techfragments and go for the other merchant at this point (and refund until you get good mods) than trying your luck with Takana. Also modabble gear dropped to infrequently.

All this brings up the point that we absolutely need some form of way to get the specific pieces in content while playing and not only play the rng game - it cannot be pure rng on rng. The easiest way as I said is have the bosses in ops drop gear slots based on a set table per boss, and for PvP do something like set slot drops on a daily schedule - like Mondays the PvP daily drops mainhands, Tuesdays offhands, Wednesday helmets etc...I hope you get the point. Pure rng is not going to cut it and people will get frustrated and leave/ stop playing.
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09.06.2019 , 12:22 AM | #20
My suggestion, for sub level 75 go ahead and keep things the way you want them, then starting at level 75, drop gear that is appropriate for the content and stop trying to look at the players gear. In addition to that, drop personal loot that can be used by the character receiving the loot, or better yet, drop a gear token, and let the player decide what to buy, and which character to buy it for.

Random randomness may be entertaining for you, but it is frustrating for a lot of people playing the game. If it is your desire to have this game be something that people play to have fun, then you might want to stop the madness, and give up on your desire to have randomly random gear drops. It's bad enough that the new amplifiers are random, but it is much worse when you get a random drop for a random mod with random stats and a random amplifier from a cxp crate that is meant to be used on a random alt.