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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)

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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)
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09.19.2019 , 05:14 PM | #91
Played through hammer station with the latest changes. (solo on veteran mode as no one plays pts so I can't queue in activity finder).

First run:
  • Got 6 pieces of green gear total from bosses.
  • 1 barrel mod.
  • An amount of crafting materials.
  • 10k credits for completing the flashpoint at level 75 - enough to re-roll 2 amplifiers.

2 pieces were the same relic so realistically I only got 5 pieces.

The pieces I did get were upgrades, from 268 to 270 and all of the pieces were class specific which is an improvement from the last time I went on the pts at least.

Second run:
  • Got 9 pieces of gear total, 8 green and one yellow.
  • 2 mods
  • 2 pieces were the same
  • Crafting mats
  • 2 pieces were the same.
4 pieces were the same as what I already had equipped so weren't even upgrades.

The yellow piece had a set bonus I had no interest in at all. +2% shield rating and regen 1% of max health every 10 seconds. I'm a gunslinger. I don't need shield rating. I have a utility that is 6x as powerful as the full set bonus.
That being said, set bonuses were previously unobtainable in flashpoints and it can be seen as more of a bonus.

Third run:

6 pieces this time
I have collected 4 of the exact same chestpiece over these 3 runs...
One of the pieces was a yellow with a different set bonus to the one from earlier, giving +2% alacrity and increased mastery under the effects of a stimpack. These set bonuses seem really really bad. Would be better than nothing if I got multiple pieces from the same set.

Interestingly, I managed to acquire 2 pieces of rating 38 level 15 gear over these 3 runs from non boss enemies.

Overall, I got a total of 23 pieces of gear from bosses over the course of 3 runs.
Two runs had 2 gear pieces dropping per boss. One run resulted in 5 items dropping from the last boss only.
I got one piece of 276 gear from a non boss enemy, but it wasn't spec specific or class specific as it was a tank item.

All of the gear received from bosses was spec specific.
Most of the gear was NOT an upgrade and I think there needs to be an anti-duplicate item system in place, which prioritises the acquisition of gear for slots that aren't yet at your average gear rating.
For example: I received 4 of the exact same 270 chestpiece, and another different 270 chestpiece on top of those for 5 270 chestpieces total.
I still have 268 rating leggings. I did use the 300 or so tech fragments I got from three flashpoint runs to buy an unidentified leg piece which was a spec specific higher than average item rating at 272.

I'm not sure if this is already the case, but I would like for different flashpoints to have a set pool of set piece gear, maybe one or two different sets per flashpoint, so that you can farm a flashpoint for a specific set piece if you so wish. This is probably completely pointless as this set gear will be replaced by higher tier set pieces with bonuses similar to what we have on live.
I would also like for at least the final boss to have a guaranteed non green drop of either your average rating, or one tier above your average rating.
I still think that personal loot should include tactical items and that the last boss should drop a tactical even if you aren't in a group. Limiting items to group rolls only is very frustrating for me personally.

As for the changes to healing for companions, it seems interesting and more interactive. No real difficulty change from live from what I could tell. Treek still looks worse than all other healer companions, but not as bad as on live when compared to other healer companions.

I still hate amplifiers and think that you should be able to re-roll the amplifier and percentage separately.

I didn't even gain a single renown level after three flashpoint runs. I know the devs wanted to kill off command ranks but this seems excessive. You honestly might as well straight up remove renown from the game entirely if it takes this much xp to achieve one single level. I did start another run just to get that one renown level using a booster and the first boss only dropped one gear item this time....
I sincerely hope that the renown crates aren't implemented at all yet cus I only got one gear piece from it.
I would much prefer to get levels as fast as with command ranks or maybe a little bit slower, but only get the cosmetics/ orange empty shell gear, companion gifts and tech fragments for e.g. from the crates.
Getting one crate after 3 flashpoints only for it to drop one piece is pointless. It's not even supplemental at this point, it shouldn't exist.

I feel like the gearing system is more intelligent now that some changes have been made. Gear from flashpoints is acquired slowly with the intent to constantly iterate and grow your specific character and spec.
I'd need the gearing system to be implemented into the rest of the game and to be able to group with people on the pts to fully get to grips with things. Anyway this is getting long, maybe it's helpful to someone IDK. I've raised my issues with amplifiers and tacticals a few times now. If we're getting rng, it should at least be good rng that is stacked in the player's favour so that it doesn't feel like rng.
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10.11.2019 , 01:35 PM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

Making a new feedback thread based on all of the changes we have made with the newest patch. Please ensure you have played hands-on PTS with the new patch before providing feedback as things have changed.
  • Does acquiring gear feel too fast? Too slow?
  • Do you understand what to do to get gear?
  • How do you feel about the primary sources of getting gear? (playing content and Missions)
  • How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems? (vendors, crafting, Renown)
Remember that for gear acquisition we want you to focus on Hammer Station or Karagga's Palace on any difficulty and the Onderon Dailies.

I finally managed to get some done, and have more to do.

I ran 5 Vet FP with my friend. We are both Vanguards. He is Tactics, I am Plasmatech.
There has been what seems a discrepancy with gear acquisition between the two of us. I've been getting 270 gear, and I have been getting a fair amount of moddable gear that I need. That aspect is working fairly well. However, my friend is already getting 274 and I'm still only getting 270. I have full 270 gear with the exception of a 250 armoring and a 252 relic. The only difference is that he clicked the terminal, and I didn't. I'm not sure if that is part of why I'm not getting beyond 270 yet. I switched to the character that did click the terminal. For him, once I got to 268/269 after the third FP, I received my first gold piece with a 276 armoring and 274 enhancement and static 272 wrist piece by the second vet FP after reaching 268/269. Too slow or too fast? Well, considering it takes into account the overall rating, not the individual items (IIRC), for loot level, it feels like it might go a bit slow when starting out, even with all 252. Especially if one is trying to min/max their gear. The mix of moddable and non-moddable gear makes that difficult.

Do I understand what to do to get gear? Ehhhh. From what I can tell, I have to to FP, WZ, UR, or Ops. I'd like to get stuff from doing dailies too. Even tech fragments.

As far as being the primary sources of gear, it gives me more reason to do the FP and UR. As I stated, I'd like to get stuff from doing Dailies. Even if it's mostly weeklies and some from the daily missions. Same with Heroics. I'm assuming the Onderon dailies were for that purpose and that the rest will get some for folks that reach 70 or 75, like Heroics change from gear to alliance crates.

I feel that the vendors are nice to have as a means to get stuff. I'm used to them having the entire piece (mods and shell). I'd like to have more to work with (all vendors and such) to really get a feel for it. Unless what we got was all of it. If so, then I feel that aspect is underwhelming. Again, I'm used to the old system. I haven't messed with crafting just yet. And Renown, the XP gain for that is super small. I know it's only a supplementary system. I'm probably just still too used to GC. But it's nice to have as an additional thing.
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