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Bug Hunt and Imp Hunt (2x XP Events)

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Bug Hunt and Imp Hunt (2x XP Events)

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02.22.2019 , 12:50 PM | #1
So I noticed that alot of people aren't familiar with the Bug Hunt and Imp Hunts that are done during the 2x XP event period. So I decided to write this article to kind of give both new and old members of the community everything you need to know about these events. Particularly Imp Hunt since it's even less known about than Bug Hunt.

So let's start with the Imperial XP grind AKA Bug Hunt. Bug Hunt is handled within the [HEROIC 2+] A Question of Motivation Heroic. The idea is simple, your Ops group just murders Colicoids hence the name Bug Hunt. This does rely on having a big group to continually destroy the enemies and therefore grind XP even faster. Generally speaking you can level from about Level 15/20 to 70 in about 3 hours. Just make sure you're in a guild and have your XP boost on as well. While this can probably be done normally, it's ideal in the 2x XP event obviously. Also please ensure that you are actively fighting as standing around allowing everyone else to level you for you is both lazy and rude. AFKers will be kicked obviously. And much like Bug Hunt you can reach 70 is about 3 hours or so.

And then we have the Republic XP grind AKA Imp Hunt. Imp Hunt is handled at the Imperial Base near the entrance of the [HEROIC 2+] The Morgukai Heroic. Once you teleport you need to turn around, run up the ramp and then pretty much run to the far end of the Imperial base (if there is a group ongoing you will just have to go to where your group is or ask for a summon) and obviously if you're a stealther you can just stealth past the enemies. This XP grind actually relies on a large group as the more people in the group the more enemies can be fought, the quicker they die and ultimately the more XP you make. A full group of this will probably make more XP arguebly than Bug Hunt and if it wasn't obvious Imp Hunt is because you're killing NPC Imperials. Much like the Bug Hunt, don't go AFK expecting to leve because you'll get kicked.
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06.13.2019 , 03:49 PM | #2
well if ppl didnt post like this, then it wouldnt get nerfed...