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Set Bonus and Tactical Effect Feedback - Spoils of War

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Set Bonus and Tactical Effect Feedback - Spoils of War
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06.03.2019 , 09:35 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Costello View Post
I'm with not having bonuses on shells.

Not so much for a good reason as others have but because Its nice to actually ware the armour I look like I'm in as opposed to the outfit designer. At some point things should look like what they are meant to be, which in the case of an MMO, if I look like I'm wearing a certain set of armour I should be in it.

Perhaps this all goes back to the old days of D&D where you had the men playing female characters that were in +5 full plate but in fact looked exactly like a chain mail bikini. As crazy as it sounds a small piece of realism and appearance matching gear would be nice. As opposed to what we will have which is everyone in the most ugly assortment of mismatch pieces to get the tactical while using the holo outfit designer to make it appear otherwise.
I can understand your concern .. but IMO a bigger issue is that these shells .. Are they really shells if they are already loaded with locked in stats ? I've got a ton of crap (all of it legacy) that is unusable because of low stats. At one time they were great .. but now useless unless I create another character starting from scratch. Nothing wrong with that. BUT .. IMO some how the idea of a "shell" means it's empty and we need to fill it.

I have (since my return) figured out how to use the Outfit Designer to keep the look to suit my personal taste for each character. So that part I think is good to go as long as that aspect does not go away (kind of like our companions ...)

IMO... the shells need to be filled as we need or desire. The components that go inside don't need to be something that takes 6 months of grinding per character to fill one piece. (OK yes.. that is something of an exageration but not by much.)

Rare drops ... well they are exactly that. I think that Eric has made it clear that there are several different opportunities for this to happen. By that I mean rare drops. Those rare drops seem to be surrounding the topic of "Tactical" components ? Am I right ? Hey if not ... that's cool. I'm not posting this to go thermal on someone who dissagrees. Just trying to clarify some things ... and add my thoughts to some of the things that I can.

I hope this makes sense. If not ... that's cool. I'll try it again ! No biggie !

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06.04.2019 , 01:44 AM | #42
Overall I am pretty happy with the changes that are coming with 6.0. The one notable exception is that set bonuses will be on shells instead of armorings. This is an awful idea, IMHO, and I fail to see why this change has to be made.

Through the years I have painstakingly organised all my different sets in my legacy bank in specific legacy-bound shells, so I know exactly which armour is for which class and role, and for what purpose (PvE/PvP). With the upcoming "mix-and-match" set bonuses it will be twice as hard, if not harder, to keep track of all the gear that we acquire and the different bonuses/stats for each. This is something I can live with though, since we also get a lot more options to optimize gear for specific purposes and playstyles in return. However, if you take away our ability to put armorings with bonuses in another shell, you basically take away our ability to organize our gear across our characters. It will be an enormous pain in the *** to manage gear across characters in 6.0 already, but imagine having all these different sets with the exact same shells. Most people play multiple roles/specs on a single characters, as do I. Please don't make us run around with an inventory that has 4 sets of armor (st dps, aoe dps, heal, pvp) that look exactly the same, and a legacy bank with 30+ different sets that only has 8 unique shells (if not less).

Please, I urge the team to reconsider this change. Let us keep the ability to organise our gear as we see fit, and to our own liking. Moreover, it allows us to use all the BtL shells that we have acquired over the years, amongst which I especially value all my ranked PvP armour and weapon shells.

JediBoadicea's Avatar

06.08.2019 , 01:25 AM | #43
I am optimistic about all the changes you guys are planning, and look forward to seeing how it rolls out. I'm sure there will be bumps, but as long as they get worked through in a reasonable amount of time that's just to be expected.

I've been following the information you've been putting out since the Celebration announcement, including all the feedback threads you've posted. I watched the livestream too of course, which did a very good job in explaining what your intentions are. I'm sure that I'll have thoughts once I see the actual bonuses and items in play, but that's the sort of feedback that will have to come via mucking about in PTS.

There is one issue however that I am concerned about right away: Attaching set bonuses to armor shells.

I love the idea of set bonuses coming in various sizes (2, 4, 6). But I think the mix/match appeal of this good choice directly clashes with attaching a bonus to a specific gear slot. If you are designing set bonuses specifically so that they can be mixed and personalized, then they must be slot-free or attached to something that is movable between gear slots (Chest/Legs/Feet etc).

What if I really want to combine a 2 piece set bonus for X ability with a 4 piece set bonus for Y ability to make my perfect, personalized spec... but both of those sets have a piece bound to a Chest shell? This is almost guaranteed to happen, and it's going to be frustrating. If it's just a case of "them's the breaks you have to make your choice" then so be it, but you seem to be pushing for the opposite "you have total flexibility" feel.

I can understand not wanting to tie set bonus to Armoring mods anymore, because Armoring mods have stats associated with them, and those have vertical progression in item rating, and you don't want people to have to reacquire a set bonus. It's admirable to want to separate those two things. But you're just blocking versatility if on the other hand you create set bonus conflicts based on the shell they're attached to.

I don't know how huge of an ask this is or how much it would break things (having to retroactively change every piece of gear in the game), but what about a fourth item modification slot in a shell that confers just the set bonus and, like Mods and Enhancements, isn't locked to a gear slot?

Or, similarly (but without having to recode every piece of gear to default add a fourth item modification slot), have set bonuses still be a separate item but one that can be added to a shell in the same way an Augmentation Kit adds an augment slot?

I realize these are quite possibly bigger asks than they may seem, and maybe there are other reasons you want to tie set bonuses to shells. At the minimum, if you are going to keep set bonuses tied to shells no matter what, then please make sure some careful thought is put into which bonuses you are tying to which gear slots, and looking at that across the board for all set bonuses for a Discipline, with an eye to minimizing conflicts. (ie, not leaving in anything so obviously egregious as "Hey, look, every single set bonus regardless of size has one piece that is attached to a Chest shell." Ugh.) And absolutely absolutely absolutely do not make RNG determine which shell (Chest/Legs/etc) a set bonus gets attached to, not unless we have some means of transferring it to a different shell.

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06.12.2019 , 12:29 PM | #44
How will all this effect the xp bonus set?
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06.13.2019 , 12:59 AM | #45
Will there be a way to make individual weapons functionally unique? I.e have one blaster rifle that enhances tech damage or another with +10 meters to ranged abilities like high impact bolt? I like having different gear for different flashpoints but right now its just cosmetic fantasies I use to get through the boredom of Mandalorian Raiders for the one billiinth time.

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06.13.2019 , 01:04 PM | #46
It would be neat if healers could regen some of the energy/force of the person they are healing as a tactical effect.