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A little rant about the forums(for fun)

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A little rant about the forums(for fun)

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10.18.2019 , 09:32 AM | #1
GAME IS DEAD, GAME WILL DIE, NEXT EXPANSION IS THE LAST!!! /sarcasm off, some people are so negative about the game and i wonder why they even play it. WoW's forums are the same to be honest, death of the game, even that big, often talked about, every expansion is the last, every change will kill the game, every new MMO will kill the game, death of the game is everywhere lol. It is the same here I find. As for SWTOR, game still has a lot of people playing it, people that pay for the game, and it doesn't take genius to say that, while there are customers, whoever is running it all, will keep milking them.... I've just read these forums and needed a release get seven days free with this referral link

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10.18.2019 , 12:53 PM | #2
Oh good thing you made this thread cause i didn't want to bump the other one.

But to the people saying this is the last expansion are talking nonsense. The devs have said that there are years of content planned to the game.
Of course, there is always the chance that the game tanks and stops making money, but with the Cartel market continuing to release cool items and raiding requiring subbing i think we are in a good place.

So, what it could also happen is that the game continues to be enjoyable and actually gain more players.

The major problem this game has is that the content releases are few and far between compared to other big mmo's. But they are good quality. No other mmorpg offers fully voiced multiple choice conversations. The combat has always been pretty enjoyable as well.
So, i prefer to hope that things will get better rather than worse. Cause maybe if it does get better we can see better pacing on content support.

Hint to devs: we would really like full featured expansions like other big mmo's get (WoW/FFXIV/ESO). It's something SWTOR never had, but it would certainly increase the success of the game if it did.
Not that i dislike what we are getting. But i can't help but imagine it could be much more if we had the support.

I know it's not up to you, but the higher ups, but the thing about mmo's is that you have to believe in them and support them. If you believe in them, so will the players flock to it. Because the other mmo's are not more fun to play than SWTOR. They simply have more content.

Hawkebatt's Avatar

10.18.2019 , 01:59 PM | #3
I would love a full feature expac with no changes to anything else.

A new planet every so many months to add to the game. on top of the planets we have. 16 planet to get to Ilum.
makeb, yavin, rishi, Darvanis, CZ 198, Ziost, manaan, oricon, Iokath, zakuul, odessen, ossus, dantooine and Onderon

Umbara, Nathema, Dxun, Rakata, Copero, taral V, Directive 7 planet, Colicoid War games planet, Cademimu, Athiss, Mandelorian raiders, Kaon, and several more partial planets. Could all be expanded on to be full planets like any of the Corellia and below. with their own planetary quest lines.

2012 until now a planet every three months. say twenty quests per planet. 28 we got 14 plus a bunch of limited planets either part of a flashpoint, uprising, chapter or Operation. Had they added planets to the game and a few dozens quests to go with them the SWTOR game would be an entirely different environment. Planets I can fly to on the galactic map. Manaan is the simplest planet with just a flashpoint on it to the full daily planets like Yavin.

I am tired of ranting to deaf ears that do not understand or mouths that will not explain.
Emotion, yet Peace. Ignorance, yet Knowledge. Passion, yet Serenity.

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ForfiniteStories's Avatar

10.18.2019 , 10:02 PM | #4
Game is not dead. Doing well? Not necessarily. Hard to find a good guild that does everything, though the one I've settled with is still the best out of the bunch. Got carried through Mythic Raids within the first week of joining a guild that spam invited me in WoW, on the other hand. Since the official Star Wars Twitter account tweeted about SWTOR, I am ever more hopeful of an increase in player base and therefore more people to play with. As long as they keep it up, of course, and we see more SWTOR promotion (and funding.) This game needs energy put into it. Excitement has been rather lacking, imo.

Darth_Vainous's Avatar

10.19.2019 , 05:56 AM | #5
I think players are comparing it to new games or the way it use to be with all the servers which are now merged.

To some server merge equals death of a game when all it means is that the population isn't as big as it use to be or that the crowd has dropped off since launch numbers which are almost always huge for games compared to the regular population. And then there is in-game population which on some worlds is low but not everyone stays on those worlds they just pop and go.

I've just returned after having been gone since 2012/2013 to find it smaller but still populated. I am not under the impression that the game is dead but I do get a sense that they are more on a budget then before which makes sense since SWTOR has been around a while.

I've actually been leaving games I've played for years because they are streamlining, removing low level crafting and upgrading and making endgame into some stupid crap like fishing and cooking or new levels are insanely grindy. I love leveling so don't need it sped up. I also like crafting and upgrading as I level so don't need that removed. I am now boycotting Korean game makers because they are the ones doing this crap as of right now. So I decided to pick non-Korean game makers to support and play and came back to SWTOR.

Only downside for me is the lack of new races. I love making alts and since I've been gone I think there has only been one maybe two new races added with the Nautolan coming soon. The voices locked to class instead of race ruins replay value for me because I don't need all my alts sounding the same. Otherwise the game seems to be doing well enough for me.

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10.19.2019 , 10:32 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Xargas View Post
Due to cutbacks they had to merge the Obituary and Complaints forums into General B****ing.. er, Discussion.
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10.19.2019 , 11:10 AM | #7
guess they care?