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Sniper to Assassin Huttball.

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Sniper to Assassin Huttball.

AramakEffect's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 11:53 AM | #1
My main is a 50 Sniper, which, as many people complain about, I have no issues with. I love it.

Anyways, to the point at hand. My Assassin is only level 22, Darkness Spec, but I can finally say I feel useful in Huttball. Sure on Sniper I can crank out 300k+ easily, have 25+ killshots, however many kills, but I feel so much more versatile on Assassin. Match last night (Level 20) I only had 60k dmg, 10k protection of random carriers, but Slow, Force Cloak, Force Speed every 18 seconds, It was much more fun.

Anyways that was pretty much all I had to say. Way less damage, but alot more fun factor.
Sniper is just sitting planted picking people off, Cover >AoEing knockbacks in front of the runner, and using Ballistic Shield for teammates, Leg shotting the enemy ball carrier, but still, at the end of a match even with triple others damage, I just felt useless.