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Forgive me, but...

Auxili's Avatar

01.24.2012 , 10:22 PM | #21
Scoundrels are the worst PVE class hands down. Worst pve healer, worst pve damage, and no sustained pve damage. Dirty Fighting breaks your entire party's CC as well so it'd not a viable dps tree. You also provide no utility, and you have zero mobility which makes dps in most fights very low.
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01.24.2012 , 11:09 PM | #22
I have a lvl 50 Scrap Scoundrel. Ran some HM's with guildies. The good part is that so far, I have yet to encounter energy problem. By the time I feel like I need my energy, Cool Head is back off CD. Without dmg meter to see how well I'm doing, can't say whether I'm holding my own in the party. The scoundrel DPS is all melee range affair, so be aware of that if you so choose this adv class. I'm not sure what people mean by "mobility" in a PvE encounter. maybe they spec'd dirty fighting and are speaking of Wounding Shot? At least for scoundrel, everything is insta cast ability.

I'm currently leveling up a Imperial Agent Sniper/engi spec, and as of lvl 35 I haven't encountered a fight I had real trouble with. And I'm reading that with enough crit, Lethality (dirty fighting for gunslinger) rises above its energy issue and starts owning things.

I can't say with absolute certainty whether smuggler is the best course for your DPS toon. And until we get a dmg meter addon (addons in general honestly), only thing anyone can really offer is gut instinct and personal opinions.

RayearthIX's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 12:44 PM | #23
well, thank you to everyone who commented. After listening to all of your advice, and talking to people in game, I decided to go gunslinger. I played some pvp with my smuggler and my favorite part of playing was finding an out of the way spot, covering, and pelting people. I've always prefered ranged combat and heals, so ignoring heals (due to my Sage), I wanted the path that would best give me a ranged character (i'll get all the melee I could ever want with my Guardian), and the scoundrel just seemed, through comments and video's, to really be an in close fighter. And of course, if I get bored, I can always just restart, Ord Mantell goes by pretty quickly. Thank you again, and have fun all!
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