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12.16.2019 , 07:33 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DakhathKilrathi View Post
Good news for you! There are ways to get a joystick working in GSF. It's objectively worse, but you can do it. Try searching the forums for it.
Interesting.... i'll look into it. Thanks.


Quote: Originally Posted by ForfiniteStories View Post
These things are already in SWTOR and GSF.
Not really, since comparing deco in SWTOR to deco in SWG is like comparing a Fiat to a Ferrari.
(anyone who ever played JTL will know exactly what i mean)

Furthermore, in SWG , we could co-pilot & gunner in another player's ship. (in both PVP and PVE , as well as 'mining' in depths of Space )
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12.17.2019 , 08:25 AM | #22
You can hack a joystick configuration into working with GSF, but it will play badly.

If they designed the game so it played better with joysticks, the entry free for being good at it would include a $500 stick-and-throttle setup, and playing effectively against these players with just a keyboard and mouse would be basically impossible. There's a limit to the number of times people are willing to beat their heads against that wall before they give up and either leave or just stop caring about anything but the daily, some achievements, conquest, or their tech fragments.

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12.17.2019 , 06:00 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetSanity View Post
I miss SWG....
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01.01.2020 , 01:30 PM | #24
as someone who plays SWG on the Prophecy server ( We have space zones, but not with capture the flag like mechanics. It's a sandbox game so we can create our own mechanics and do whatever we want as it is a space sim. Capture the flag has been done in SWG and we do have pvp zones even in space.

As for game play, you're talking an arcade shooter versus a complex pvp flight sim where your parts matter and the time invested into creating said parts. Space RE took a simple shooter and increased it's complexity by 100x. The raw loot you'd get could be combined into something like voltron. Gaining the best benefits of all parts combined. Thus giving your ship a unique part to add to your build.

Depending your effort and parts, that can greatly change how you fly and what content you're capable of. Space parts would hit over a billion credits in value due to the RNG nature.

As for PVP - extremely fast and furious. A skilled pvp pilot can fly the most unlikely of ships and dominate with the right setup. There is so much more customization available to the pilot and a ship that fits every style. Not always the high mass ships are the best at pvp. Sometimes a small fast ship geared correctly can be unstoppable.

PVE: A larger 3 gun ship will have the dps you need to take down gunboats and higher tier duties. Lot of content is dependent on your gearing and ability.

In all, JTL is the only RNG based legendary loot system that provides endless content by trying to 1 up your last RE to have even that much more of an edge over your enemy. It's a bit of a grind fest, but you have a lot more options of play-styles. Especially when it comes to community events.

You'll never see this in swtor.
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