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Concealment Operative PVP guide

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04.15.2012 , 07:36 PM | #31
Kitty, thanks for sharing some of your play tips. I say -some- because I've seen you unleash others too many times for my comfort. You've always been one of my favorite people to see in PvP, certainly as a teammate but even as an opponent.

Operative, Stabbin's, Nemesis

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04.16.2012 , 03:37 AM | #32
Huttball can be ok at best as an operative but if the opposition know what they are doing Operatives will be completely bypassed to suggest anything else means you play either with good people that carry you or against poor teams that allow you to use what little utility you do have.

To suggest you can burst a healer is laughable you aint bursting **** all at the moment especially not in Huttball on a ramp rofl and to suggest positioning is the key hahaha it can help but that is the case for the player your attacking too.

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08.21.2012 , 07:53 PM | #33
good greeblings,

V 68 operative
V 89.9 scoundrel here

I like the ideas presented here.

My problem with concealment/scrapper is that while i can deliver 35k damage in 12 seconds on a practice dummy; this does not translate well to pvp.

Relying on stealth to be greebly is ineffective imo.

However if i was going to greeble this it would go thus; 1 target 1 kill ; no expectation of survival afterwards; as a true killer I have one target and one goal; to kill that target.

Poison blade; hidden strike, backstab, laceration, stun, dart, shiv, laceration, dissappear, poison blade, hidden strike, backstab, laceration, dead.

35k dmg in 12 seconds. 7 of which they are stunned. game over.

That is all.

Good greeblings.
For everything we do, we are greebling.
For everything that is, that is the grobble.
Everything not at peace, is ungreebly.
When there is no greebling, that is the true grobble.

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08.22.2012 , 08:03 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by thegreebler View Post
Poison blade; hidden strike, backstab, laceration, stun, dart, shiv, laceration, dissappear, poison blade, hidden strike, backstab, laceration, dead.
Nice thread necro.

You really don't want to hit your BS that early in the rotation. Throw in something else to let AB's DoT tick more, then reapply AB with BS, so the DoT rolls through another cycle.

Also may want to put Explosive Probe into your rotation. It's hits for pretty good damage, especially with the AB buff up.

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08.22.2012 , 01:42 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by killercat View Post
Concealment Operative PvP Guide


Why am I writing a guide for PvP concealment operatives? I want the general talent of our class/spec to go up. We as a population are very weak compared to what we can be. I only play as a concealment operative, Iíve been one since launch, rarely trying other specs because I love this one, it is in my blood and I like to think I know the ins and outs of the spec. My characterís name is kitty and I play on the server Space Slug. I believe my reputation (in PvP) on the server alone gives me qualification to write this guide.

Our Role:

This is a very broad position for us as we can fill multiple roles on the fly. We excel at sniping off healers and ranged dps, while able to instantly stop a score in Huttball. Our dps is unparalleled and our stopping ability immeasurable. We can sneak cap points, or targets to score the ball. So where do we fit and how do we know when to switch to what role? This is something we as players must be adaptive to fill in were our team lacks, if we are having trouble from healers that is where our role will be filled, if we have good ball handlers then we donít need to be hidden targets at the goal line. It is our job to be
adaptive, which is a word we have to ingrain in our paradigm when playing an operative.

Sitting just at the goal line, or just killing healers when they arenít affecting the game state isnít a strong role for us. As concealment operatives we have the ability to make other players change their play style to accommodate us, so it is in our best interest to keep the other team on their heels at all time. If youíre doing your job well you will start to notice that youíre being focused fired before healers or ball carriers. Our goal is to make the other team play mad, mad players make mistakes. A little bit of head games, but why not? It makes us more potent.

Playing as a Concealment Operative:

One of the ideas you will have to start understanding is the idea to hold onto your cooldowns for the right fights. While a lot of cool downs can have minor usage in some fights, wasting them in these minor fights when you can win without will leave you vulnerable when you actually need them. Case in point: Using evasion when fighting an imperial agent, while this does remove the dots, it wastes a very handy skill that can help you more with assassins or marauders then with agents, when you can cleanse yourself of any dots they may apply already.

Understand your environment, and plan escape routes. You want to live, the longer you survive before dying, the more impact you can have the game. This leads into another point, disengaging a fight to allow time for cool downs to finish, or get a quick heal is viable, and often times you can lead your intended victim into a trap and finish them, when otherwise they would have won the fight. Never feel pressured to stay in a fight that doesnít benefit you. You will frustrate your opponents, which will help you affect the state of the game.


Concealment Operative Spec

Skill Rotations:

These rotations are basic rotations and I recommend finding ones and altering others to fit your play style, but in the end it is important to note that we shouldnít cookie cutter all our fights, because we hamper our overall effectiveness by doing so.

Opener: Acid Blades > Hidden Strike > Backstab > Stim Boost
General opening combat rotation.

Damage: Opener > Shiv > Laceration > Laceration > Backstab > Autofire
This is a basic damaging rotation, used for when you can kill can opponent while preserving your stun, or going against an opponent that will die either way.

Stun Lock: Opener > Shiv > Debilitate
This rotation is best used against healers, and ball carriers

Sustained DPS: Opener > Shiv > Corrosive Dart > Damage
This rotation is good for tank or long term engagements.

Closing the gap:

This is one of the biggest concerns of concealment operatives. They opened up a gap, what do you do now? Donít stay passive during this time, it is a good time to use your utility skills such as Stim Boost, apply corrosive darts, or just auto attack. You are far from useless at this point, so donít believe you are.


Instead of always finding yourself with a gap to close, you can try a few counter measure to that by learning to position yourself in time when they are about to knock you back. Often times with your back against a wall, or so you will go in a direction that is the path of least travel to the target.

Positioning also isn't limited to just being knocked back. Being able to flow and cut off players from helping the other team is just as vital. As you fight, are you blocking a path to get to the ball carrier? Look to shut down path ways or walk ways so that other players are forced to either redirect, or go to their spawn point.

Breaking down the Warzones:

Huttball: This is by far the easiest war-zone for us. We have lots of options in our game play. What we excel at the most here is zone control, more specifically on the ramps and walkways. Here we can kill a healer, or ranged dps pretty easily with little worry. As the game progresses this forces the other team to play more defensively. So when the ramps are closed we are left open to either stalk behind the main group picking off players, or what I like to do, distract the followers of the ball carrier so they deal with you first (by this time you have a bit of hate towards you to distract 2 or 3 people to focus on you, giving your team time to score or kill the opposing ball carrier). Another thing we can do is head into the goal line, and score or kill their team as they come out, this again makes the other team alter their play style giving you a bigger impact then you really should on the game.

Civil War: This one dissolves into straight up fights most of the time, but with the open room we have plenty of room to work with. With that knowledge we should look to engage fights late so we are unseen and able to drop back into stealth after killing our victim or as I prefer, make the other team compensate for you. To achieve this we can attack the opposing first cap right away (generally only 1 or 2 guarding it, shouldn't be hard to handle) This often makes the defense either over compensate for its defense, or at bare min 3 protectors meaning your team now is at 6 vs 5 on the center point. Another role we can fill in well here is as a defender, able to hold off attacks long enough to get defense to help out.

Voidstar: This is our worst War zone, at times we can be completely useless with our role being better filled else were, but we are by far not out of the game. With the lack of mobility this map offers we fall into a stealth cap or disrupt defense play styles, by making the opposing force over compensate defenses. If you are able to get a distance lead, you generally are able to get off a double cap making life a bit harder for the opposing force as they try to figure out what went wrong.

This guide has some broad topics but I left it that way to make you think more and help you develop your play style onto a better course.

Extra Credit:

Your living in a fantasy honestly, "Our dps is unparallelled, stopping power immeasurable"
Are we playing the same game? Not sure if trolling or not. FOTM classes that do not even need to be named can not only do more burst, but also do way more damage overall. As of now the concealment operative is sadly little more than a glorified solo defender that calls incs. Perhaps if your pugging regular wzs you can attempt to shut down healers, but against any decent opponents the concealment operative can easily be swatted down like a fly.
I think your problem is you only play a concealment operative, perhaps if you gave other classes a try you would understand.
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