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Tips for countering bomber/gunship nest in TDM - when flying solo?

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Tips for countering bomber/gunship nest in TDM - when flying solo?

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08.02.2014 , 01:14 AM | #11
Small correction: Strafe is typically bound to SHIFT+WASD

And regarding the title question - when flying solo and attacking the gunship wall and bomber nest - the best answer is to coordinate your efforts. Going 1 vs 3+, assuming the people are above newbie level is nearly always a suicide. Unless you have a Damage Overcharge that is
best bet is T1/T3 GS , with good positioning it boils down to 1v1 duels. If you can get the opening shot you are pretty much winning already.

Also, in domination maps, USE EMP MISSILES! They aren't as bad as much people on the forums is trying to suggest - in domination they are an instant node defense cleaners. Lock them on static target (drone, turret) - it will clear the node of mines and also disable drone/interd/concussion mine deployement for 15 seconds. All 3 turrets are also affected, taking 300+ damage and being disabled for 15 seconds.

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08.02.2014 , 10:17 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Bolo_Yeung View Post
Small correction: Strafe is typically bound to SHIFT+WASD
This for the strafing confusion, and for the nest problem, pull back and LOS. Obviously if your pugs repeatedly fly into the nest, they will die and you will lose, so tell people to stay back and wait for them to come to you (unless the GS and bomber team is SUPER coordinated, one of them will get out of turn). Gunships are the best way to clear the mines (AOE ion) and pop shots (LOSin via GS) is your best chance at surviving. The only time I could ever face multiple gunships by myself was when people weren't running Wingman and I was using Running interference + D.Field. Now, that's a lot less likely, so approach with caution and use ranged weapons to combat the bastards!
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08.02.2014 , 10:24 AM | #13
Honestly a solo ship (any type) against a bomber/gunship ball is going to die in seconds most of the time. Even if you are solo queued you can attack as a group. Various configurations of the T2 scout have burst which is what you want in these situations to get in and out fast. In my scout I let the strikes soak up some of the mines and then flank the most skilled enemy in the ball. Once you clear most of the mines and one or two of their good players you can even the odds.

Also if you are alone and you team doesn't attack together. Watch for stray GS and bombers that leave the area of the mines/drones. Often you can kill the bomber solo and then all his mines will blow up leaving those in the now non-existent mine field vulnerable.
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01.17.2015 , 09:30 AM | #14
More good tips here so /bump
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01.17.2015 , 05:06 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
Strafe is not normally bound to WASD, is it? I think that's wrong. I'm pretty sure S is normally "low engine", at the very least, and I think A and D are roll? I have to remap promptly, I use a G600 mouse and a Dvorak keyboard so literally none of the default maps are useful.

Some fun strafe facts:

1)- It's very very hard to get the strafe speeds, if not impossible.
2)- If you strafe with vertical and horizontal, I'm pretty sure you actually go faster, but I just don't know.
3)- I'm 100% positive you can't use vertical strafe to help you turn faster- strafe must be disabled entirely in certain situations.
4)- Gunships seem to strafe better than other ships, and even have this mentioned in their class description.
5)- If you strafe into a solid object, you can die- the bounce logic seems to be feeble here.
I always strafe upwards and aim slightly downwards to compensate when boosting towards satellites at the start of the match. I know this works in other games and I hope it does here.

6)- you can get a better firing angle at ships when they circle satellites.