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Defying Destiny

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05.17.2018 , 10:53 PM | #221
I'm so happy to see you were able to post and hope you manage to do so on the 24th!


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05.18.2018 , 03:58 PM | #222


I'm very much interested in where you are taking all this and looking forward to the next installment.

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05.19.2018 , 07:35 AM | #223
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
I'm so happy to see you were able to post and hope you manage to do so on the 24th!

It was important to me to touch on the issue with Senya. I wrote that segment little over a month ago and had been waiting for a conversation to work it into, trying not to cover too much in one go. It was time now and it makes sense to me he'd feel abandoned no matter Senya's reasons which I can understand as a woman but struggle with it in terms of her being a mother. But she's still his mother and all he has left now.

Much trust has developed but there is still a clear line between them both, certain things they're not yet willing to share and understandably so. No matter how Eliza feels about him by now, she'd never put the Alliance base at risk, not quite yet though she'll have to now they're traveling there.

His arrival on Odessen should prove interesting. Thank you very much for your support, for reading and leaving your feedback. ♥

Quote: Originally Posted by MishaCantu View Post


I'm very much interested in where you are taking all this and looking forward to the next installment.
Nobody enjoys war, I think it takes a special kind of person (*cough* Vitiate) to really go "I'm having the time of my life" and I don't anticipate Arcann wants to spend the next 50 or so years waging war and desperately holding on to his conquests.

Yes, Arcann's arrival on Odessen should prove interesting. He and Eliza have formed a bond over the past weeks where she's come to understand him more and perhaps in ways even relate but, no one else has that. Odessen is filled with his victims who know nothing other than the pain and destruction he's caused. And then there's Malcom to up the tensions a bit.

He is attracted to her. He isn't quite sure why--is it her, is it just the way she's been treating him, is it more the idea of someone like her--he's unsure and despite everything has enough sense to realize it doesn't quite matter. There's no room in her life for him, not in that sense and being honest with himself he knows he's not quite ready for such things himself either.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond, it means a lot to me. ♥
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Yesterday , 11:21 AM | #224
:: Chapter Forty Seven ::

The initial testing—filtering, separating, and the repairing of Lord Scourge's blood cells—had proven successful with the tissue samples Doc had taken. The corrupt cells that rotted his tissue and attacked his nervous system had been removed and the process sparked new hope in the medical prodigy. With the testing out of the way, the real work could begin.

He glanced over his shoulder at the heavily sedated Pureblood on his operating table, relieved he wouldn’t need to deal with his patient’s constant protests. While the procedure wasn't exactly new—he'd attended a lecture on Coruscant years ago—it wasn't one Doc had ever performed. He would need to stay sharp and focused to work the new equipment he’d just procured.

Malavai entered the surgical room. “What can I do?” he asked.

“Keep an eye on his stats and let me know if anything changes.”

“Very well. How does this process work?”

“The blue dye I’ve injected will trace and mark all corrupt cells. The lasers will separate those from the healthy tissue and kill them. That's stage one.”

“What about stage two?”

“For stage two I will inject him with a unique compound of pure kolto and his own healthy, untarnished DNA. Then we wrap him in thermal blankets to encourage the healing process and keep him under for the next twelve hours.”

“And that will encourage his body to heal all previously affected areas and regenerate the tissue?”


Three rapid beeps denoted that the tracer dye injection had completed and Doc swerved the overhead laser projector down to Lord Scourge's feet to begin the process.

“Depending on his progress, if any, this procedure will need to be repeated weekly over the next six weeks, by my own estimation,” he explained.

“How soon will you be able to tell whether it had any effect on him?” Malavai pulled up a stool and seated himself by the monitoring equipment.

“Tomorrow, when he comes to, I will run another series of exams to test his neurons and reaction to varying temperatures.”

“You sound confident this will work.”

Doc glanced at his partner. “Because it has to.”

He adjusted several parameters on the projector display to account for Lord Scourge's height and body mass, and tossed Malavai a pair of goggles.

“Wear those to protect your eyes.”

“How long will this take?”

“About three hours.”

“So we'll be here for a while.” Malavai fixed his goggles over his eyes while Doc initiated the procedure. “Did you catch the live feed earlier?”

“I did. For the life of me, I can't understand what she's up to or why she's spending time with that tyrant at all. Did she forget what he did to Kira and so many others?”

“I doubt she has. For whichever reason, he appears keen on her company and she has taken advantage of that fact.”

“Maybe. I just don't understand why he didn't immediately lock her in carbonite, or execute her. I'm grateful mind you, but it makes little sense.”

“Perhaps there were complications.”

“It's possible...” Doc kept a keen eye on the laser threading Lord Scourge's skin to begin repairs. “Kira's process was imperfect, but I doubt he would care.”

“True. It is curious he showed her any mercy at all.”

“Exactly. What if he is merely using her, the way she’s trying to use him, to gain access to our base?”

“Me’ghan has considered the same and taken precautions. The Gravestone is fully prepared to defend Odessen should we face an aerial assault.”

“That’s one comfort at least.”

He turned his attention back to Lord Scourge, a part of him desperate to take a tissue sample of freshly treated skin but he resisted.

‘Please let this work…’


“Praven.” Lilija Cytharat walked with the younger Pureblood, their arms linked, while they strolled the Alliance base. “I feel blessed my Tallis has met such a wonderful man as yourself.”

“I feel further blessed he answered my love for him, my Lord.”

“Tell me about your family, please? I'm afraid the name Praven is rather unfamiliar to myself and my husband.”

“It is not my family name but a homage to my mother and my grandmother—Pragya and Rayven—who both raised me after my father, Lord Aldon, fell during the Great Galactic War in the earlier years.

“I was only a small child then.”

“Mm, the Aldon family who migrated to Ziost but originated on Dromund Fels. A proud family that values the purity of our bloodlines. Lord Kryat Aldon once claimed to be a descendant of Marka Ragnos himself but no such thing was ever proven.”

“You know your history well my Lord,” beamed Praven and he felt impressed.

“How could I not? I was an archivist on Dromund Kaas for many years, preserving all genealogical records for our species.”

“Strange our paths didn’t cross sooner—as an acolyte, Darth Angral had me spending many hours at the archives to find him anything he could hold over his fellow Dark Councillors.”

“Likely after my time. I had to abandon my work when Liyana fell ill with Idolian fever.”

“That normally only affects humans, does it not?”

“It does, which made her case extremely rare and dangerous but she got through it, as you can see.”

They turned outside toward the Odessen Wilds where Lord Cytharat assisted Master Timmns in training Darius, Liyana, and various other young padawans and acolytes. Praven inclined his head to Lord Cytharat and received a wink in return, prompting Lilija to smile.

“You bring him much joy, I have rarely seen my son this joyful and free to be his own person,” she told Praven.

“The feeling is mutual, I assure you. While I have always served the Force with pride and honor, dedicated myself to the Sith first and later the Order, I never quite felt complete. Sensing a greater purpose alluded me still until I met Tallis.”

“May I ask, and forgive me if this is too personal, but with your family's dedication to maintaining purity among our species, was it difficult for you to follow your heart's desire? Are they aware?”

“Both my mother and my grandmother know of my orientation, yes. I was afraid when I was younger until my grandmother sat me down one evening and shared a poem. It told of two souls uniting to become the very embodiment of love—souls, not limited to species or gender,” Praven recalled with a distant stare.

“She never discussed the matter with me directly but I understood her intention behind sharing the poem. The message she gave me.”

Lilija sat down by his side and clasped his hand. “She sounds like a wise woman. I had a similar conversation once with my son after his father brought home a candidate for marriage.”

A small chuckle escaped the woman when she remembered. “Oh, my dear Tallis was so uncomfortable. Such a polite gentleman but mortified by the prospect of marrying this young lady, and not because she was a stranger.

“It was clear to me then and after I spoke with Valdis to voice my suspicions, I sat Tallis down to explain the very thing your grandmother told you, and that there is no right or wrong. There is just love.”

Praven found himself deeply touched by her words. “I am relieved to know he had so much support growing up, thank you for sharing this with me.”

“We are very fond of you, Praven, both Valdis and I, and it brings us peace to know Tallis will be loved and protected after we journey on to Rishi.”

“He will be, I promise you. For the rest of our lives if he will let me,” he mused with a look of longing.

By tonight he hoped to know for certain what the future had in store for him and the man he loved, and Lilija, knowing of his plans, offered her reassurance by squeezing his hand.


Jenna groaned quietly and shoved the far too heavy leg off her thigh. Her head was throbbing and all she could remember was the treasure trove of alcohol found stashed away in the conservator aboard Me'ghan's ship. Unexpected of the Sith but she and Andronikos had found a good use for the sealed bottles.

'Andronikos,,' Jenna cursed to herself and cast a glance over her shoulder to find him asleep.

Of course, it had been his leg holding her down and his snoring that had stirred her from her own dreams to begin with. She let out a sigh, took the end of one of the sheets to wrap around herself and tip-toed away from her personal conquest—or had she been his?

“Well now, mornin' Captain,” Kendra's voice greeting her was far too loud and Jenna wasn't sure any amount of caf would help her survive.

“Yeah, hey.”

“I hope you had a decent sleep,” Aric remarked.

“Ugh.” Jenna plopped herself down at the kitchen counter and groaned. “You both heard, didn't you?”

“This ship does have very thin walls,” Kendra pointed out with a smile.

She rounded the counter and offered Jenna a bowl of porridge. “There was a lot of agreeing and encouragement if I recall.”

“And many compliments,” Aric reminded her in a rather casual way and he elicited another horrified groan from Jenna.

“That's just... great, thanks,” she huffed.

“No, I think it was more like, 'Oh yes, yes, that's great, yes',” Kendra mimicked in a tease and by now struggled to stop herself chuckling.

Jenna merely shook her head and nudged her breakfast to the side, opting for her caf instead.

“I get it, you're both absolutely hilarious,” she scowled but she couldn't hide her smile. “So, has there been any news from the base?”

“No. Same orders as yesterday—stay invisible, stay alert.” Kendra wiped down the countertop and cleaned up around the small galley.

Aric excused himself and Kendra continued, “I did receive word Doc's begun his treatment of that Sith, Lord... uh...”

“Scourge,” Jenna finished for her. “Good, hopefully that'll pop him back to being his old self. Whoever his old self was.”

“You never knew him either huh?”

“Nah, kept my nose out of Republic and Jedi business alike.”

“Sounds wise,” Kendra mused recalling her own constant quarrels with General Garza, her former superior.

“Do you know yet where you'll go if this war ever ends?”

“Honestly? No idea. The biggest benefit to this mess has been the fact I no longer have to deal with restrictions and the bureaucracy behind them.” Kendra poured out a second caf for herself and Jenna and sat down.

“What about you? Off to new horizons with the pirate? Is it love?”

“Love? A couple of good *or.gasms don't equate love. I dunno what I'll do... head back out on my own I suppose.”

“Maybe I'll tag along if you've got room. Would uh, Corso be joining you again?”

“Heh, you interested? Thought you and...” Jenna lowered her voice to a whisper, “Aric were an item.”

“We tried for a short while but we're better as friends—he can't quite give me what I hope to have one day.”

“Gotcha. Well, if this war ever ends, you're always welcome. The more the merrier, right? Just keep in mind every damn ship has thin walls and I enjoy life too much to care.” Jenna winked and finished her caf before she left to rouse Andronikos from his slumber.


“He's coming to,” Malavai announced and he shook Doc’s shoulder.

For several hours he'd sat at Lord Scourge's bedside while Doc took a brief nap during the recovery period. The procedure itself had gone by free of complications but there was no telling whether it had done anything to improve Lord Scourge's physical condition.

“Hrm…” Doc grumbled and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Nearly knocking over a cold cup of caf.

A crust of dried up saliva cracked at the corner of his mouth and he rushed in half a daze to splash some water in his face and wash his hands. With a stack of paper towels, he dried off and smacked his own cheek a few times to regain his full senses before he returned to face his patient.

“Ahh, if it isn’t my favorite grump returning to the land of the living,” Doc chirped while he pulled up a stool.

Lord Scourge said nothing. Merely rolling his eyes before closing them again.

“How are you feeling?”

“Give him a moment,” said Malavai and he poured Lord Scourge a cup of water.

“Yeah alright, I’m just…” Doc scrubbed a hand through his hair.

“Eager for results. Yes, I share in your interest but let’s allow him a few minutes to adjust.”

Doc nodded, flashing Malavai an apologetic smile and he went over Lord Scourge’s chart instead.

On paper, the Sith was a picture of perfect health and upon closer inspection, using his medical scanner, Doc noticed several old bruises had healed over. Just like the minor bone fracture in his wrist but Doc also knew this might mean little. The pure kolto would have regenerated recent injuries but that was no guarantee for an actual cure to fight the decay.

“I’m going to just…” Doc mumbled and ran the soft end of his stylus pen down Lord Scourge’s arm.

“Just, what?” groaned Lord Scourge.

Doc frowned and exchanged the stylus for a regular sized needle, once more tracing it carefully down the Sith Lord’s skin but any sign of a response stayed out.

“Just what?!” Lord Scourge asked again and he now opened his eyes.

“You didn’t feel that?” Malavai worried.


Lord Scourge looked from Malavai over to Doc and then down at his hand where the needle tip gently scratched his skin. Enough to draw a hint of blood but not even close to eliciting a reaction otherwise.

“Nothing. Guess you’re no medical marvel after all.”

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Yesterday , 01:21 PM | #225
Lots going on!

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Yesterday , 04:15 PM | #226


It was nice to check back in at the base and elsewhere to see what's up with those still waiting for Eliza's return. I'm anticipating Arcann showing up. Nice addition to the story.