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Zakuul Penthouse Bundle (Very Upset)

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Zakuul Penthouse Bundle (Very Upset)

Lazzrd's Avatar

06.21.2019 , 01:42 AM | #1
I bought this bundle when I seen it contained (4) Zakuulan Artisan Lamppost and (4) Zakuulan Floor Lamps
As we know lots of places in the strongholds are dim and I was like cool lamps. WELL it's utter BS that they don't produce ANY light on the floor at all! and I'm pissed.

Why make lamps that don't provide actual light. The Zakuulan Artisan Lamppost looks just like the one from the star forge, but the star forge one makes light on the ground. I'm very unhappy.

Does anyone know if they will refund decoration bundles?

phalczen's Avatar

06.21.2019 , 07:58 AM | #2
No they donít refund cartel market purchases at all, especially once youíve opened the bundle AND consumed the decorations, which you would have had to do to place it in a stronghold. Itís kind of like asking for a refund for the donut when youíve eaten the donut already.
The lamps that drop from the Star Fortresses do give out a decent amount of ambient lighting, I agree with you theyíre one of the best floor lamps brightness-wise. I wish decoration drops were fixed in heroic mode but at least they still drop in the solo mode, so you can run that over and over. There are wall mounted zakuulan lamps that give off great lighting that I use in my umbaran mobile stronghold and elsewhere quite a bit, I canít recall if they are part of that bundle too. I have used the other two styles of zakuulan floor lamps featured in the bundle to give off some light in my Rishi stronghold and the Rishi SH patrol carrier. Remember that in game graphics settings, especially Bloom, will affect the lighting. They donít put out as much light as the one from the Star Fortresses but theyíre hardly useless.
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06.24.2019 , 08:37 AM | #3
The two lamps look identical, so it's good that one provides light and the other doesn't. It gives us some decorating options. Unfortunately, the name "Artisan" doesn't provide any hints about illumination.

They should really be named Zakuulan Lamp and Zakuulan Illuminated Lamp.

I almost made the same mistake you did. I was so excited about getting the 4 lamps and at the last moment i noticed the "Artisan" name. Sorry to hear you got confused. If I had four of the good ones, I'd send 'em to you. Best of luck with drops in the Star Fortresses.
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